touch screen order system restaurant

Last September an unmanned restaurant named Chongqing Noodle was opened in Shenzhen. It aroused a wide concern because it reminded people of Eatsa, the first global unmanned restaurant in Los Angeles, which is said running unwell currently. However, the head of Chongqing Noodle emphasized that time had changed since 2015, now that he had signed an agreement with a high-tech company and taken their cooking machines, by which he could have 150 meals prepared all at one time. SUNTUNE has the honor to be the supplier of all 20 restaurant ordering machines.

In the mind of consumers, perhaps the unmanned restaurant means no more than self ordering and self paying, while the restaurant ordering machine no more than a touch screen menu. The machine, though not so eye-catching, has invisible value in unmanned services. At least, you don’t have to wait without knowing what is going on with your order.

First of all, you need to choose menu on the restaurant ordering machine, submit the order, and accomplish the payment via WeChat or Alipay. At same time, a receipt will be printed out, on which the info is synchronized to both you and kitchen, by which you’ll learn how many people in queue, how long you need to wait. No name called in due order, only meals message sent by phone, or by a beep machine on your table to inform you the meals ready. Believe it or not, by restaurant ordering machine, it takes no more than 30 seconds to complete the whole process!

It’s said that McDonald’s is also working for its smart food ordering system. Consumers can come to the counter, or use their cellphone to book meals, then take the seat wherever available, scan the QR code on the table and send the signal for location, food will be delivered directly to the table.

As a matter of fact, Eatsa, Chongqing Noodle, McDonald’s, they all have behaved on behalf of the future catering industry, I.E., relying on mobile devices and restaurant ordering machines, minimizing human services, improving efficiency, and lowering labor fee. All in all, to avoid poor manual service, while to enhance the dining experience at all costs.

With restaurant ordering machines, the unmanned restaurants are more convenient, more leisure, and more peaceful. Consumers are no need of time to queue or wait, or ask for help. To catering managers, it saves labor cost, reduces cash risk, but holds all records of consumption, which is helpful in data analysis and later strategy adjustment. Hence it’s a very promising business model. Although restaurants are unmanned, it doesn’t mean lack of caring and quality. On the contrary, it provides consumers a fresher scenario, and helps managers lay down for more recipes and purchases.

With the development of technologies, more and more industries will be changed forever. The case of Chongqing Noodle tells us that traditional industries have no more advantages in the new era. It’s also plain that waiters, chefs, shop assistants will lose their jobs to AI machines. The restaurant ordering machine is only a beginning. If you don’t work hard, you will be eliminated. It sounds cruel, but it’s already happening.

An unprecedented business and professional revolution has arrived!