self-service vending machine

5G and IoT bring out multiple new technologies, while more and more manual work is replaced with smart devices. Most of them can be seen in banks, shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and government administrations. The trend seems intensified in 2020 by corona virus, known as numerous of self service machines with non-contact mode.

Accordingly, SUNTUNE has launched an overall solution, covering platform as well as applications.

1. Automated retail vending machine
Repeat customers are important in retailing field. But the repeating depends too much on feelings, which is far enough purely by artificial efforts. The vending machines, however, can effectively reduce customers waiting time, help Quick Pass come true.
Retail vending machines made by SUNTUNE are operated on a special self service motherboard, which is originated from X86 and ARM and running with embedded system. Hence it’s rich in inputs and outputs, supportive to extensions such as touch screen, camera, card reader, NFC, QR scanner, Printer, etc. The motherboard is powerful in multitasking capability and millisecond response.

2. Bank ATM booth machine
Banks are particularly enthusiastic for AI technology. To improve services in “Smart Bank” outlets, SUNTUNE will continue to upgrade the financial solutions, by adopting face recognition and speech recognition. Hopefully, 500 more financial self service machines will be introduced in the second half of the year 2020.

3. Hospital queue system kiosk
Corona virus is hurting a lot of people all around the world. In many countries, hospitals are overwhelmed with patients but short of doctors and nurses. Nothing can relieve such stress but self-service registration machines. Actually, self service machines are helping since the beginning of epidemic. Guided by videos, pictures, texts, patients are able to get familiar with medical process in shortest time, and learn by themselves how to make an appointment, register, or recharge. Most important, the machines can run 7*24 hours unattended.
SUNTUNE is capable of providing self service chips and motherboards for hospital machines. The latter can be customized in local favor.

4. Fast food self service payment kiosk
Basically, the setup of smart catering industry has accomplished, which leaves future catering system only integrating all in one with big data, intelligence, mobile payment, and precision marketing. The catering business, as a report from McDonald’s says, can be made prosper only by adapting the new system. After all, catering system is now more functional for the cluster development. For this reason, the smart catering solutions launched by SUNTUNE are composed by both public cloud and private cloud, synchronized with multiple subsystems. A highlight of the food ordering machine is its game interaction, which is designed fashionable especially for young consumers. Of course, the food self service machine works with Pay with Your Face. It’s reserved as well for future upgrading.

5. Self service ticket printing kiosk
More and more self service machines are enabled at government service centers, which is quite a convenience for citizens to deal with payment, purchase tickets, attend to tax declaration, inquiring and printing. Most of all, the transact can be done at free time. Ticket printing kiosks by SUNTUNE are efficient in handling the self services. The self service machines can complete identification quickly, process with querying, paying, printing, monitoring at same time. The machine can also be applied as hotel self check in, airport self service check in, even as digital photo booth kiosk self service.

With a strong R & D team, SCM, and hardware factory leading in China, SUNTUNE will constantly improve its self service solutions for global customers.