dooh advertising media display

5G is a momentum for advertising media players, which has successfully drawn the attention from global advertisers. Then what can 5G do for DOOH media? How do we media owners survive at such a challenge time? It’s a topic worthy to discuss a little.

1. Transmission speed brings out the most effective marketing approach.
5G is empowered with a transmission speed hundreds of times faster than 4G. On the one hand, DOOH media is able to display UHD images and videos in extreme details, and perfect in 3D mode. This is a boost to advertising experience as well as to customers satisfaction. On the other hand, 5G technology will get the streaming video sold in seconds, and accelerate the outdoor advertising auctioned in programmed ways. As a result, live advertising will come all over sooner than ever. The cost, however, is coming down.

2. AI and AR are changing the display mode with DOOH media.
5G is catalyzing new advertising technologies, for instance, the commercialization of smart scenario-based experience, which can be carried out only via AI and AR. Give it a thought, the advertisements are now static, two-dimensional, what if they are suddenly displayed all around dimensions? Imagine, when you come into a restaurant, a three-dimensional menu with pictures is presented immediately in front of your seat, is it vivid and exciting? Well, it’s the challenge to make the advertising alive.

3. 5G technology is driving in a new era of data management.
5G means all things connected (IoT). It’s already starting to play the crucial role in smart city system. We can see it by the intelligent terminals and accessories launched one after another. With these terminals and accessories, it’ll be more convenient to gather the offline data, which can be imported into offline reselling system, which in turn can be the support for AOD, ROI, or DOOH media evaluation.

5G is breaking through IoT technologies in a fantastic speed, while AI is helping DOOH media improve its human-machine interface. As a leading manufacturer, SUNTUNE is committed to taking the latest technology as well, to promote the rapid development of digital outdoor media industry.