• After-sales Service


In domestic, all displays made by SUNTUNE are equipped with Remote Control, AC Power Cord, Key, Rack, Instruction Manual, Approval Certificate, Warranty Card etc. These accessories are optional when it comes to exporting. It has no matter with the performance of our displays, however.

All displays will be inspected and tested thoroughly before leaving the factory, so as to make sure they will work once they arrive at the destination.

Technology support can be done at our factory, online via TeamViewer, for example.

All displays will be packed into wooden cases or flight cases, for better protection in shipment. Our salespeople will share the packing details as well as documents for the sake of customs. We’ll keep eyes on the shipment till goods get there safely.

Our engineers can go to the destination to help with installation and training if security and convenience are guaranteed.

For further details, please write to support@suntune.net, or leave us messages online.

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