Outdoor Station Kiosk

Key Features:

  1. Busline information. Display electronic signs, real-time routes and buses positions. Name of the bus stop can be screenprinted on the top, easy to change or repair.
  2. TTS arrival broadcast: automatic and precise.
  3. Contents can be loaded remotely, including advertisements, buses, routes, weather, time, inter-cut announcements.
  4. Light Box can be installed on the backside, printed with current station sign. Light Box can turn on automatically, to show all buslines.
  5. Intelligent monitoring and alarm. Billboards can be equipped with automatic alarm device, to monitor state of the electronic modules inside, and upload the measured info to control.

Product Description:

Bus stop kiosk is used to publish information about local traffic, weather, bus starts, route changes, and public announcements. It’s becoming more and more popular in smart city outdoor solutions.

Screens are available with 32/43/49/55/65/75 inch.


Camera, Numeric Keyboard, Emergency Button, USB Chargers, RFID, GPS, Receipt Printer, Rolling Text LED Panel, Light Box, QR Scanner, Card reader, LAN, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth etc.