outdoor charging station

With the torrent of the times, the outdoor media has changed from traditional static to digital out-of-home, deriving more diversified forms, which includes digital billboards and outdoor signage, as well as screen networks in places like shopping malls, healthcare venues and SPA. In addition, some new media are emerging, such as the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, and the construction of charging stations, charging piles and other infrastructure is also accelerating into the fast lane. So will the combination of charging stations and outdoor advertising become the next gold mine in the industry?

For a long time, problems such as high construction costs, long payback cycles, and low operational efficiency have plagued the development of the charging station industry. Relying solely on charging car owners for charging often does not have much profit, let alone sustained growth. Only a few companies can achieve profitability, and most operators are struggling at the loss line. How to lean the efficiency of charging stations and improve the value of charging piles has become a new topic.

Companies in the charging industry are looking for new ways out, and one promising form of profitability is beginning to emerge: combining charging piles with outdoor advertising.

The charging station, a super large flow entrance, will continue to develop in the future, and it is inevitable to produce a new profit direction, and the combination with outdoor advertising is a good choice, and many companies have begun to layout. For example, ChargeEuropa, a company focused on electric vehicle charging networks, also smelled the potential of charging pile advertising, and deployed electric vehicle charging advertising piles in Poland and Croatia. In Poland and Croatia, where the construction of charging stations is still in its infancy, ChargeEuropa provides free EV charging services for EV drivers in both countries, builds digital out-of-home media support in prime locations, and supports the operation of charging stations with advertising revenue.

Volta Industries, an electric vehicle charging Network Company already listed on the New York Stock Exchange, is engaged in a business model in which drivers can use its charging piles outside high-end malls and supermarkets for free, and its revenue depends on advertising on 55-inch electronic displays installed on charging piles. Volta has even opened free fast charging stations since then, and eligible electric car owners can get half an hour of free charging. For business districts, the location of fast-charging stations can attract high-end customers and extend reception hours, while advertiser brands can use these sites to enhance their brand influence.

SUNTUNE is also exploring the scene of charging piles for new energy vehicles, combining outdoor high-brightness LCD display and charging module to open up commercial uses such as advertising space, so that consumers can easily self-charge their cars. This charging advertising pile has gone abroad and landed in Europe.

digital outdoor signage

The heat of the outdoor signage mainly comes from solar radiation and the heat generated by the work of electronic components, such as high-brightness LCM, the brightness generally requires 2000-3500nits in outdoor use so to have a good visual effect, according to the light conversion rate characteristics of the LED, about 70% of the power is converted into heat. Solar radiation (Ultraviolet) and high ambient temperature are factors that directly cause the heat dissipation difficulties of outdoor digital LCD signage. Imagine that a car parked on the side of the road without shade for 2 hours at noon in the southern summer, the air temperature inside the car can reach more than 60 °C, which shows that the heat brought by solar radiation is very terrible. SUNTUNE has repeatedly measured the air-cooled heat dissipation prototype of the whole machine, and under the environmental 50 °C solar irradiation, the brightness of the large-size vertical prototype (75 inches) is 3000nits, and the maximum temperature of the LCM surface can reach nearly 70 °C.

So what are the key points of thermal design? There are probably the following points:
1. Heat calculation, system impedance and air volume calculation;
2. App environment requirements;
3. Temperature rise requirements of each component of the product;
4. Fan selection, air duct design and overall layout scheme;
5. Scheme for thermal simulation calculation;
6. The scheme is introduced into the structural design of the whole signage;
7. Prototype high and low temperature test and fan speed regulation logic correction;

Difficulties: system impedance and air volume calculation, thermal simulation calculation accuracy.

The impedance of the system is the static pressure of the whole machine, among which the main ones with greater influence are: the smoothness of the air duct, the area of the ventilation hole, and the impedance of the dust net. Among them, the selection of dust screen should consider both dustproof ability and wind resistance cannot be too high, the higher the dustproof level, the greater the wind resistance, the higher the filter cost. A lot of dust that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but after 2 years of equipment start-up, it may be found that the filter has been covered with powdery dust.

How to determine the impedance of the whole machine? The best way is to perform simulation calculations or wind tunnel tests to obtain data, but this is the difficulty of many manufacturers in the industry at present.

Perhaps some readers think that outdoor signage as long as it is not a black screen can be fine, if dust enters the equipment, just clean it regularly. Although LG and BOE have wide temperature OC, and the temperature resistance can reach 100 °C without blackening, but OC surface temperature as long as the OC surface temperature exceeds 85 °C beyond a certain period of time will appear OC yellowing, which is caused by the polarizer and cannot withstand long-term high temperature. There is also the problem of light decay of backlight LED, as long as the temperature of the LED light board exceeds 75 °C, the curve of light decay will plummet, and it is simply impossible to withstand 50,000h. In order not to black screen, some designers directly use a lot of fans, thinking that more fans will solve the problem of heat dissipation, which is also unreasonable. If the installation position of the fan is not reasonable, the formation of turbulence will also affect the heat dissipation and play a counterproductive role. And at the same time, more fans mean more costs. The noise and power consumption are also high.

The product concept of SUNTUNE design is less fans, good heat dissipation, high reliability, but better with the dust prevention. Equipment maintenance outdoors is limited, labor is very expensive, do not think that regular maintenance works after dust into the equipment. Dust affects the life of electronic components directly. Think it more, how to maintain it if it is installed in bulk? Why not design the product well at the design stage?


outdoor signage

Outdoor LCD signs focus on heat dissipation and dust protection. Dust protection is not only a thermal design but also a structural design. By the diameter and quantity of outdoor dust particles checked in data, it can be determined that the outdoor dust prevention requirements are ≤1μm, which means the filter efficiency F7 or above.

Some users may ask: How long does it take to clean or replace the filter for outdoor signage with F7 or other grades of filter? At present, a few outdoor signage manufacturers keep budgets low due to competition, making the filter itself low as well in efficiency, such as G4 grade or even lower, as a result, a lot of large particles of dust can pass. However, the life of the filter could be longer, because the dust with diameter of ≤ 5 μm are allowed into the chassis. As long as the outdoor LCD sign continues to work for more than a month, there would be a lot of dust between air duct OC and tempered glass in front of the screen. Once the display screen is turned off, the dust inside the glass will be more obvious, and there will be a lot of dust on the back of the screen. The PCB board will also accumulate with dust, and the display effect becomes poor, and the failure rate becomes high. Thus, with an effective dust-proof filter, the cost is high (under the same size, F7 is expected to be 4~5 times more than the price of G4), the dustproof is good, however. Only then is it meaningful to consider the period for filter replacement.

As a developer, Suntune’s design concept is that the size of the filter achieves maximum according to the internal space of the whole outdoor signage, so it can meet the replacement once in 2-3 years, or at least 1 year if the equipment is individually thin while the interior space limited. The main reason is that the cost is too high for outdoor maintenance. Filter replacement period is a consideration for thermal design. When the temperature between the internal and the external exceeds the critical point of the thermal design, and the air in the chassis is kept at a high temperature ( 60 °C or above), it’s time to consider changing the filters.

Some users may think that the high-brightness LCM with wide temperature OC will not get black screen. As mentioned earlier, the wide temperature OC can withstand temperature more than 100 °C before going to blacken, but the state of high brightness LCM has a limited temperature, over which it will inevitably cause the backlight decay fast, the OC yellowing, the lines, the optical diaphragm wrinkles, the electronic component life shortening and other problems. Therefore, the calculation of air volume, impedance and fans selection is directly related to the size, impedance and life of the filter.

In general, the larger the filter size, the better; the larger the dust capacity, the longer the life. However, at present, outdoor signage pursues light and beautiful appearance, which makes there not much space to place the filters, so the design should reasonably calculate the air volume, wind speed, fan P-Q curve in order to determine the filter size.


led display

For outdoor LED displays, its application is very extensive, in pedestrian streets, sidewalks, and shopping malls, we will see a lot of LED displays playing advertisements on the side, and many displays are placed in the middle of the square, people watch the distance of the display is also very close, and at this time, the small pitch is more suitable, because it takes care of the people watching the movie around it, so that they can also clearly see the content of the picture. The increasing demand for close-range viewing has prompted LED display manufacturers to study and develop outdoor small pitch. At present, outdoor small-pitch LED display has broken through P2.6, and there have been corresponding cases, and according to market research and feedback, there is a great demand in the market for P2.5 small-pitch LED display, therefore, outdoor small-pitch LED display around P2.5 is the main trend of future development.

To develop outdoor small-pitch LED displays, at least the following points should be considered.

1. Reduce costs.
At present, it is also because the cost of small pitch is relatively high, most of the small pitch is used indoors, and outdoor will choose a larger pitch, which can reduce the cost for customers. Then, to make outdoor small pitch become the mainstream, it is necessary to reduce costs, which requires LED display manufacturers to develop new technologies for the need of outdoor close-range displays, combined with outdoor characteristics, to develop an outdoor small pitch LED display suitable for outdoor but not too high price.

2. High degree of protection (dustproof and waterproof).
The outdoor environment is worse than the indoor, and there are more uncertain factors outdoors, especially weather factors, such as typhoons, storms and rainstorms, etc. At this time, it is necessary to have a stronger protection level of the small-pitch LED display; meanwhile the module and the box are anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, fireproof, etc. The current aluminum alloy material is more suitable, and the aluminum material also has features of fast heat dissipation and high flatness, which can keep the LED display stable operation in any outdoor environment.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection.
The display screen used outdoors is required for long-term stable operation, which consumes electricity every day, and the price of small pitch is generally higher than that of large pitch, and it may be difficult to achieve a significant reduction in the price of the display screen, but if the energy-saving technology is applied to the small pitch LED display, its energy-saving effect will be greatly improved, which can save a large amount of electricity costs every year, thereby indirectly reducing the price for customers.

In addition to energy saving, environmental protection is also a more important factor, because outdoor small-pitch LED displays will be used closer to people and closer to daily lives. Whether the display box will be too heated, whether the display is safe when running, whether the LED display will have noise and whether it will affect people’s lives due to video switching, etc., these will become factors that people need to consider when studying outdoor small-pitch LED displays.

In short, outdoor small-pitch LED display is an inevitable trend in the development of the industry, especially the display screen with a pitch of about P2.5. There is a huge demand in the market, which is also the huge driving force for LED display manufacturers to develop outdoor small-pitch LED displays, and it is also the main reason why to do it.

LCD signage

Feedback from many a user: the LCD equipment is installed and the supplies are constantly fine, but in less than half a year, there is the output of various problems. After all, this is still a problem of thermal design and dust prevention. Due to the present market order, the digital outdoor signage industry is not large enough, with fierce competition, many manufacturers are not rigorous or intentionally exaggerated in the product specifications: such as, the maximum brightness of LCM is 2000nits for air-cooled and heat-dissipated outdoor LCD signage, the working temperature is -40~60 °C or more, the backlight light decay ≥ 50000h, the protection level reaches IP65, the working noise is less than 60dB…

Outdoor LCD signage, that is, the industry referred to as outdoor LCD advertising machine, is a subdivision of the commercial display industry. Since the product is installed for outdoor use, highlighting, protection, thermal design and reliability are the focus of the whole machine design. The earliest use of cabinet air conditioning for heat dissipation did solve the problem of heat dissipation, but due to factors such as product thickness, reliability, cost and power consumption, the industry continues to study new heat dissipation schemes to replace, air-cooled heat dissipation, heat exchange dissipation came into being.

TALKING ABOUT THE OUTDOOR LCD SIGNAGE USING AIR COOLING HEAT DISSIPATION, SUNTUNE FIRST USED THE AIR COOLING SOLUTION FOR THE WHOLE MACHINE HEAT DISSIPATION DESIGN IN 2012. From the earliest use of centrifugal fan design outdoor vertical landing 70-inch LCD machine heat dissipation, to the current outdoor 110-inch LCD machine using air-cooled heat dissipation, from single-screen heat dissipation to multi-screen splicing machine heat dissipation, from the earliest zero design experience to today’s professional whole machine system air-cooled heat dissipation a variety of schemes, multiple patents, familiar with various fan performance and selection, dust filtration, etc., these achievements are inseparable from the long-term learning and research of the R & D team, and always require high reliability and fast maintenance of products.

Installing LCD signage equipment for outdoor use, removing the structure and electronic control part, the biggest focus and difficulty is heat dissipation and dust prevention. If the thermal design is not done well, the common problems of outdoor LCD signage are: black screen in the sun, diaphragm wrinkle in high-brightness LCM, burst screen, mura, OC short-term yellowing, lines, burning T-con or backlight plate, fast light decay, high failure rate and so on. If the dust prevention is not done well, the outdoor cabinet will come in with a lot of dust. Dust into the front glass and LCM surface, it will affect the screen display effect, meanwhile increase the electronic components of a very high failure rate. Some boards are burned upon conduction because of the dust accumulation. Therefore, the key and difficult point for outdoor LCD signage is heat dissipation and dust prevention. However, many manufacturers fail to pay attention or don’t have the strength to solve the important factors which result in low product reliability and high failure rate.

In addition to rich thermal design theory and thermal simulation capabilities, professional designers must have comprehensive knowledge of structure, electronics, etc., and at the same time be familiar with the characteristics of various components of heat dissipation products and product temperature rise testing capabilities, only then can he formulate a perfect heat dissipation scheme for the whole machine. At present, because the outdoor LCD signage industry is a subdivision industry, large companies have not entered the industry, and the progress of technology needs to be expanded by talents of various companies, SUNTUNE looks forward to everyone’s efforts.

advertising charging pile

The advertising charging pile is the product of the integration of outdoor advertising equipment and new energy charging pile. As a good media carrier, not only can it make up for the profit of charging pile, but also can accelerate the process of urban media utilization. In addition, outdoor advertising internal reference believes that the advertising charging pile also has the following development potential:

1. Expand profit methods and enhance the use value of charging piles;
On the profit side, the existing profit model of charging piles is very single, almost only relying on charging service fees, and this profit is not ideal. However, combining digital out-of-home media with charging piles can not only provide convenience to customers without charging fees, thereby attracting more and more electric vehicle drivers, but also increase the company’s profits through additional revenue from advertising, creating a win-win situation between charging stations, customers and third-party advertisers.

2. Fixed scene, accurate advertising reach, high acceptance;
Charging piles are generally installed in public buildings and community residential parking lots or charging stations, the location is fixed, and brand owners can place suitable advertisements according to different scenes, giving the “cold” charging piles “vitality and temperature”.
As the place of home, the attributes of community life are very prominent, so advertising on charging piles is more affinity for residents. In this environment, brand advertisements are also more likely to be trusted and accepted by residents, so as to achieve better marketing results.

3. Digital operation, easy to monitor and operate advertising publication;
The torrent of the times is pushing outdoor media forward, and the traditional “information-informative” advertising has become a corner, and brand owners are more aware of the marketing effect brought by digital outdoor media. As an emerging media, the advertising charging pile is basically developing in the direction of digitalization, and the high-definition screen with the advantages of fast charging can attract users to stop. This also makes it easier for brand owners to monitor AD data and optimize and adjust subsequent AD delivery.

4. Driven by product characteristics, strengthen the positive effect of advertising
The construction of charging piles is to improve the urban ecological environment, which is a kind of urban home, which can help traditional cities transform into smart new energy cities, and its own environmental protection characteristics can help brands leave a lasting and positive impression.

At present, the charging pile advertising is mainly for B-end customer groups, and in the future, it can gradually enrich the “gameplay” of charging pile advertising, such as Rubik’s Cube Intelligent Investment, Instant Direct Investment, Focus Direct Investment and other C-end advertising and marketing platforms, one-click publication, convenient and fast!

strip screen

With the continuous development of electronic technology, screen display technology has also developed rapidly. Displays are also increasingly appearing in people’s field of vision in various postures. Various creative displays such as transparent screens, holographic screens, and strip screens have appeared, creating colorful display systems with different shapes for the world, so that the display system has a wider application space. Among them, the strip screen refers to the LCD screen with an aspect ratio of more than 3:1. So, what are the application fields of the strip screen? LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT IT WITH SUNTUNE.

In addition to the requirements for information display, people have further requirements for the appearance, and the emergence of the strip screen meets these needs of everyone, which can make the LCD screen better adapt to the environment and serve people. The biggest difference between LCD strip screen and ordinary display screen is that its shape size and size can be customized according to requirements, which can better adapt to the use environment, and its unique shape makes people look very pleasing to the eye, so it can be more widely used in various environments. The main application areas are hereby as below.

1. Smart city display field
In the field of smart city construction, public safety, transportation, people’s livelihood, etc. are closely related to the use of strip LCD screens, which will also promote its rapid development and popularization of the market. As an alternative large-screen display technology, the strip LCD screen will also play its excellent display advantages.

2. Advertising and media field
With its unique advantages, strip LCD screen has gradually replaced traditional billboards, light boxes, etc., and has become a new force in the advertising media industry. Traditional advertising can only play pictures, while the strip LCD screen perfectly combines pictures, videos, text, and sound, and has high definition, high brightness, bright colors, and has the characteristics of vivid image, simple and bright. The advertising image is prominent, easy to attract the attention of pedestrians, and easy to remember. Strip LCD screen advertising has a long time, high frequency, and more information, which can produce greater advertising benefits.

3. Intelligent transportation display field
The strip screen can be used as a bus subway indoor station screen, taxi roof screen, bus TV, comprehensive display of vehicle arrival information and other multimedia information.

4. Banking and other commercial and financial fields
In order to provide customer-oriented financial services, the strip screen can provide timely and accurate financial information to meet the needs of the financial industry for exchange rate, interest rate, fund information and financial advertising and other publicity displays. For example: advertising player, bank calling machine, LCD touch all-in-one kiosk, etc.

THE ABOVE ARE THE MAIN APPLICATION FIELDS OF THE STRIP SCREEN INTRODUCED BY SUNTUNE. In addition to the above four major application fields, what other application areas do strip screens have? Welcome to contact us to interact.

outdoor lcd signage

As the size of outdoor LCD signage continues increasing, the brightness rises as well, such as 3500nits and above, plus the demand from single-sided to double-sided, such as double-sided vertical 86 inches, double-sided vertical 98 inches, etc. The biggest problem for such outdoor LCD signage is the thermal design, especially with shape requirements. However, the air-cooled system is difficult in achieving both good heat dissipation and meeting the waterproof and dustproof and narrow frame. Bad is, manufacturers who lack the strength of thermal design and R&D can only use air cooling for heat dissipation, so as to win orders. Only half or one year later, it will cause great problems in performance, the larger the monitors are, the more serious it is.

It can be seen that outdoor LCD signage has advantages and disadvantages for air cooling and heat dissipation.
With scientific and reasonable thermal design, the heat dissipation and dust prevention is very good, especially in the early stage, due to the filter air resistance in the initial low impedance, the fan speed will be low, the total power consumption and noise will be low, the temperature difference is relatively low, the heat dissipation is better, and with low cost, the circle of design and production is faster.
The protection level can only achieve IP55. If the outdoor LCD signage has been working for 2 years while the filter screen has not been replaced, the filter impedance will become larger; the heat dissipation effect will gradually become worse. If the filter has not been replaced past the service life, it will cause failure in the system of heat dissipation, resulting in problems with outdoor LCD signage. Common ones are: LCD blackening, black screen, optical diaphragm wrinkle, fast light decay, yellow upper part of OC, board burning, etc., and the LCD highlight module is basically irrecoverable after damage.

Of course, maybe some people will say, don’t we replace the filter in time? When the outdoor LCD signage is actually applied, it is not so perfect as our designer imagined, because the product is in the outdoors, the maintenance time will have a certain limit, and how to determine the service life of the filter, what time to replace neither waste nor lag, which I believe many people in the industry have not yet mastered; Moreover, there is a harsh environmental uncertainty in the application of air cooling and heat dissipation outdoors, and there are indeed problems such as moisture/salt spray entering the inside of the equipment, which increases the failure rate of electronic products; Finally, due to the requirements of air-cooled air duct, it is necessary to make waterproof and dustproof design space for the inlet and outlet, especially for double-sided narrow frame side hanging or ceiling signage, there is insufficient space, leading to modification of the modeling, which is difficult to solve at present.

SUNTUNE BELIEVES THAT THE FUTURE TECHNOLOGY DIRECTION MAY BE MAINTENANCE-FREE SOLUTIONS SUCH AS HEAT EXCHANGE, VC, WATER COOLING AND HEAT DISSIPATION AND MEET IP66; the air cooling scheme still exists but the problem of filter life should be solved. Due to the small cake of the outdoor LCD industry, it has not been able to promote large enterprises to enter the industry to invest in research and development, slow technological progress, low price competition, weak protection of intellectual property rights, and shortage of talents, these are the problems faced. It is hoped that more companies will enter the outdoor LCD signage industry to jointly promote product technology change; after all, some special products need to use new technologies to be competitive and highly reliable.

outdoor digital kiosk

Outdoor digital kiosk is extending from the previous commercial usage. Through the development these years, outdoor LCD advertising displays continue to collide with other industries, generate some new products, and apply to new fields. Such as electronic bus stop signs, electronic reading columns, smart trail screens, multimedia outdoor charging piles, smart city emergency displays and more.

The continuous promotion and application of outdoor LCD display equipment has enhanced the intelligence of the city, improved people’s travel, and improved the efficiency of work.

Outdoor digital kiosk is used in the transportation industry and installed in bus stops. It displays bus route information and the real-time bus location information in multimedia form, so to improve the efficiency of public travel and visualize the information. And there is an additional display window on the bus stop, which can not only increase income points through advertising, but also broadcast public services, legal knowledge and publicity positive energy, and improve the comprehensive quality of citizens. It can also play emergency notices, information couriers, information audiences, etc.

Outdoor digital kiosk is used in scenic spots, communities and other places, forming electronic newspaper column products. Through its multimedia form, it displays different forms of information such as pictures, videos, audio, and PPT, which is more eye-catching to the public, more vivid and friendly, and can leave a deeper impression. At the same time, it can also increase the touch function, to realize human-computer interaction, change the previous one-way communication, and better provide citizens with the information they want to obtain, improve efficiency and increase interest.

Used in parks, fitness trails, the outdoor digital kiosk has produced today’s smart trail screen, through the combination of outdoor LCD screen and a new generation of technology, AI intelligence, touch control, etc., so that its display content is more intelligent, completely become your fitness butler, record your exercise time, the distance, etc. It is displayed on the interface with a sense of science and technology, which increases the interest of fitness, improves the number of fitness exercises, better completes the national fitness movement, and enables citizens to maintain a strong physique.

For more information about outdoor LCD display equipment, please pay attention to SUNTUNE Inc!

digital information display

Smart community refers to a community with intelligent information display as the basic unit, making full use of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new generation information technologies to provide residents with a safe, comfortable and convenient living environment, so as to form a new management model based on informatization and intelligent social management and services.

1. Smart Community System Functional Summary
1) Enable every resident to enjoy the safety, comfort, health and convenience brought by intelligent information displays;
2) Networked management, to provide safe, efficient and intuitive services for every resident;
3) Community information services, including publishing community management information and user inquiry information;
4) Community medical services, to provide protection knowledge services for every household.

2. The value of digital information displays to the community
1) Advancement: The digital outdoor LCD display screen is used to play a variety of massive content such as pictures, animations, and videos, reflecting the advanced nature of the community publicity board.
2) Timeliness: Community announcements, spiritual civilization publicity, common sense of life, news information, weather information, disease prevention knowledge and other information close to life, and the masses are released in a timely manner, which are also more accepted by the community.
3) Convenience: It is convenient for community residents to pay water and electricity bills and do the social security card information inquiry.

3. Play the content
1) Use digital outdoor display screens to play pictures, animations, videos and other colorful and massive content, reflecting the advanced nature of community publicity.
2) Play lively and vivid video content to increase the interest of promotional content, increase touch functions, interact with the community, attract the public, and form effective communication.
3) Through the intelligent network system, multiple devices can play content synchronously without leaving home.

4. How information is disseminated
1) Community display devices connect to the server’s management platform through 4G, Wi-Fi, Internet, and publish information remotely through management software, etc.
2) Community display devices are connected to the service host through the internal LAN, and information is published through management software.
3) Make the playback content on the management software, download it to the U disk, and update the playback content of each device through the U disk.

5. Recommended outdoor digital display model
1) Choose 55 inch BOE/LG LCD screen.
2) The brightness requirements are 2000cd/㎡ at least, with ambient automatic light perception, tempered explosion-proof glass.
3) The internal structure is designed according to the requirements for reinforcement, the firmness of the whole equipment structure can resist 12-level typhoon, the cabinet material is made of galvanized steel plate, the painting process adopts double-layer spraying outdoor powder, and the equipment is fixed with cement base + bolts interspersed to the base for fixation.
4) The whole machine adopts high-quality cooling fan to dissipate heat, plus lightning protection, overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature protection equipment, and the structure adopts design to be rainproof, dustproof and anti-sun.
5) Feature required: It adopts industrial-grade embedded Android motherboard, which can support Wi-Fi, RJ45, 4G networking, and support simultaneous control of all machines or single control of one unit, and support full HD 1920×1080 decoding.

6. Electrical parameters
1) The shell material is fully galvanized steel plate cabinet, the exterior surface is metal paint, anti-magnetic, anti-static, waterproof material, the whole machine adopts IP55 outdoor all-weather waterproof and dustproof, anti-theft, explosion-proof and other designs.
2) Highly reliable electrical protection
Leakage, overload, overvoltage protection, lightning protection device, overtemperature protection, etc.
3) Audio: It adopts two-channel, stereo surround power amplifier system, and the output power is 8 ohms 2×10W.
4) The standard of working environment temperature is 50°~ -30°, and the cooling adopts units of high-quality combination fan.
5) Protective glass: 6mm tempered explosion-proof glass.
6) The whole system adopts the principle of modular design, sustainable design and maintainable design.
7) Machine fixation: Multiple M16-24 screw posts are poured from the ground, interspersed to the bottom of the machine and fixed with nuts.
8) Light sensing and overheating protection system
Screen backlight adopts automatic ambient light sensing. The real-time adjustment of screen brightness not only meets the clear image display in the strong direct sunlight environment, but also makes the screen not dazzling and energy waste at night. When the internal temperature of the machine exceeds the limit of the LCD screen, the thermal management system will respond to turn off the LCD screen in the first time, to protect the LCD screen working in harsh environment for a long time without damage.