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Elevator digital signage display applied with AI technologies

Elevator digital signage display is supportive to dynamic media contents as well as human-machine interaction, with the main functions such as remote control, face detection, real time analysis, perceptual computing etc. It combines monitoring and advertising so well that the elevator security can be under surveillance 7 x 24 hours, while the public welfare is […]

Multiple screen display solution linked advertising and interaction

In some scenarios, there could be more than one screen needed to cover the operations of advertising and interaction. By traditional solution, it’s usually one motherboard for one screen, which actually brings more complication than convenience, and unnecessarily raise up the costs. Accordingly, SUNTUNE introduced a new solution. It permits the multiple screen display playing […]

AI digital signage solution creates personalized power for offline retail

Competition is more and more fierce in retail TODAY. Every customer would like to feel valued, and have a personalized experience. Meanwhile the traditional advertising is still infamous for its undifferentiated treatments, delivering harassment more than promotion. Advertisers would think it a waste of money. At this point, AI digital signage solution is the very […]

All in one digital signage and the correct way of usage

Coming with AI and 5G, more and more technologies are applied on the all in one digital signage, which is likely to play a major role in the daily operation of retailers and vendors. How to take a better use of digital signage? It’s a good question worthy of discussion. 1.In-store music and radio Many […]

Naked eye 3D outdoor advertising provides a brand new display platform

With the change and improvement of living standard, people take part in outdoor activities more than ever, and have frequent access to all kinds of outdoor media when waiting for cars, traffic jams and elevators. This has helped outdoor ads maintain a high arrival rate of around 86 percent over the past three years. Such […]

Meeting room screens on sale for conference efficiency

SUNTUNE is devoted to upgrading meeting room screens, to helping clients constantly improve their communication while with less costs. As for the new arrival, here are the shining features. With customized UI, the new meeting room screens are more practical than prior, especially the Miracast. With a simple press, Miracast starts in a blink, no […]

DOOH media growing faster with 5G commercialization

5G is a momentum for advertising media players, which has successfully drawn the attention from global advertisers. Then what can 5G do for DOOH media? How do we media owners survive at such a challenge time? It’s a topic worthy to discuss a little. 1. Transmission speed brings out the most effective marketing approach. 5G […]

What can restaurant ordering machine do for future catering industry?

Last September an unmanned restaurant named Chongqing Noodle was opened in Shenzhen. It aroused a wide concern because it reminded people of Eatsa, the first global unmanned restaurant in Los Angeles, which is said running unwell currently. However, the head of Chongqing Noodle emphasized that time had changed since 2015, now that he had signed […]

Self service machine fully upgraded for better performance

5G and IoT bring out multiple new technologies, while more and more manual work is replaced with smart devices. Most of them can be seen in banks, shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and government administrations. The trend seems intensified in 2020 by corona virus, known as numerous of self service machines with non-contact mode. Accordingly, SUNTUNE […]

Outdoor interactive tabletop kiosk alive with AI technology

SUNTUNE manufactured some tabletop kiosks for Europe (Here download the pictures). By feedback, digital marketing and mobile advertising are still the main fields for newly added advertising costs. However, the whole industry is in reformation, with the help of big data, AI, IoT and other technological advances. For example, contents are in transit from man […]