strip screen

With the continuous development of electronic technology, screen display technology has also developed rapidly. Displays are also increasingly appearing in people’s field of vision in various postures. Various creative displays such as transparent screens, holographic screens, and strip screens have appeared, creating colorful display systems with different shapes for the world, so that the display system has a wider application space. Among them, the strip screen refers to the LCD screen with an aspect ratio of more than 3:1. So, what are the application fields of the strip screen? LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT IT WITH SUNTUNE.

In addition to the requirements for information display, people have further requirements for the appearance, and the emergence of the strip screen meets these needs of everyone, which can make the LCD screen better adapt to the environment and serve people. The biggest difference between LCD strip screen and ordinary display screen is that its shape size and size can be customized according to requirements, which can better adapt to the use environment, and its unique shape makes people look very pleasing to the eye, so it can be more widely used in various environments. The main application areas are hereby as below.

1. Smart city display field
In the field of smart city construction, public safety, transportation, people’s livelihood, etc. are closely related to the use of strip LCD screens, which will also promote its rapid development and popularization of the market. As an alternative large-screen display technology, the strip LCD screen will also play its excellent display advantages.

2. Advertising and media field
With its unique advantages, strip LCD screen has gradually replaced traditional billboards, light boxes, etc., and has become a new force in the advertising media industry. Traditional advertising can only play pictures, while the strip LCD screen perfectly combines pictures, videos, text, and sound, and has high definition, high brightness, bright colors, and has the characteristics of vivid image, simple and bright. The advertising image is prominent, easy to attract the attention of pedestrians, and easy to remember. Strip LCD screen advertising has a long time, high frequency, and more information, which can produce greater advertising benefits.

3. Intelligent transportation display field
The strip screen can be used as a bus subway indoor station screen, taxi roof screen, bus TV, comprehensive display of vehicle arrival information and other multimedia information.

4. Banking and other commercial and financial fields
In order to provide customer-oriented financial services, the strip screen can provide timely and accurate financial information to meet the needs of the financial industry for exchange rate, interest rate, fund information and financial advertising and other publicity displays. For example: advertising player, bank calling machine, LCD touch all-in-one kiosk, etc.

THE ABOVE ARE THE MAIN APPLICATION FIELDS OF THE STRIP SCREEN INTRODUCED BY SUNTUNE. In addition to the above four major application fields, what other application areas do strip screens have? Welcome to contact us to interact.