outdoor lcd signage

As the size of outdoor LCD signage continues increasing, the brightness rises as well, such as 3500nits and above, plus the demand from single-sided to double-sided, such as double-sided vertical 86 inches, double-sided vertical 98 inches, etc. The biggest problem for such outdoor LCD signage is the thermal design, especially with shape requirements. However, the air-cooled system is difficult in achieving both good heat dissipation and meeting the waterproof and dustproof and narrow frame. Bad is, manufacturers who lack the strength of thermal design and R&D can only use air cooling for heat dissipation, so as to win orders. Only half or one year later, it will cause great problems in performance, the larger the monitors are, the more serious it is.

It can be seen that outdoor LCD signage has advantages and disadvantages for air cooling and heat dissipation.
With scientific and reasonable thermal design, the heat dissipation and dust prevention is very good, especially in the early stage, due to the filter air resistance in the initial low impedance, the fan speed will be low, the total power consumption and noise will be low, the temperature difference is relatively low, the heat dissipation is better, and with low cost, the circle of design and production is faster.
The protection level can only achieve IP55. If the outdoor LCD signage has been working for 2 years while the filter screen has not been replaced, the filter impedance will become larger; the heat dissipation effect will gradually become worse. If the filter has not been replaced past the service life, it will cause failure in the system of heat dissipation, resulting in problems with outdoor LCD signage. Common ones are: LCD blackening, black screen, optical diaphragm wrinkle, fast light decay, yellow upper part of OC, board burning, etc., and the LCD highlight module is basically irrecoverable after damage.

Of course, maybe some people will say, don’t we replace the filter in time? When the outdoor LCD signage is actually applied, it is not so perfect as our designer imagined, because the product is in the outdoors, the maintenance time will have a certain limit, and how to determine the service life of the filter, what time to replace neither waste nor lag, which I believe many people in the industry have not yet mastered; Moreover, there is a harsh environmental uncertainty in the application of air cooling and heat dissipation outdoors, and there are indeed problems such as moisture/salt spray entering the inside of the equipment, which increases the failure rate of electronic products; Finally, due to the requirements of air-cooled air duct, it is necessary to make waterproof and dustproof design space for the inlet and outlet, especially for double-sided narrow frame side hanging or ceiling signage, there is insufficient space, leading to modification of the modeling, which is difficult to solve at present.

SUNTUNE BELIEVES THAT THE FUTURE TECHNOLOGY DIRECTION MAY BE MAINTENANCE-FREE SOLUTIONS SUCH AS HEAT EXCHANGE, VC, WATER COOLING AND HEAT DISSIPATION AND MEET IP66; the air cooling scheme still exists but the problem of filter life should be solved. Due to the small cake of the outdoor LCD industry, it has not been able to promote large enterprises to enter the industry to invest in research and development, slow technological progress, low price competition, weak protection of intellectual property rights, and shortage of talents, these are the problems faced. It is hoped that more companies will enter the outdoor LCD signage industry to jointly promote product technology change; after all, some special products need to use new technologies to be competitive and highly reliable.