advertising charging pile

The advertising charging pile is the product of the integration of outdoor advertising equipment and new energy charging pile. As a good media carrier, not only can it make up for the profit of charging pile, but also can accelerate the process of urban media utilization. In addition, outdoor advertising internal reference believes that the advertising charging pile also has the following development potential:

1. Expand profit methods and enhance the use value of charging piles;
On the profit side, the existing profit model of charging piles is very single, almost only relying on charging service fees, and this profit is not ideal. However, combining digital out-of-home media with charging piles can not only provide convenience to customers without charging fees, thereby attracting more and more electric vehicle drivers, but also increase the company’s profits through additional revenue from advertising, creating a win-win situation between charging stations, customers and third-party advertisers.

2. Fixed scene, accurate advertising reach, high acceptance;
Charging piles are generally installed in public buildings and community residential parking lots or charging stations, the location is fixed, and brand owners can place suitable advertisements according to different scenes, giving the “cold” charging piles “vitality and temperature”.
As the place of home, the attributes of community life are very prominent, so advertising on charging piles is more affinity for residents. In this environment, brand advertisements are also more likely to be trusted and accepted by residents, so as to achieve better marketing results.

3. Digital operation, easy to monitor and operate advertising publication;
The torrent of the times is pushing outdoor media forward, and the traditional “information-informative” advertising has become a corner, and brand owners are more aware of the marketing effect brought by digital outdoor media. As an emerging media, the advertising charging pile is basically developing in the direction of digitalization, and the high-definition screen with the advantages of fast charging can attract users to stop. This also makes it easier for brand owners to monitor AD data and optimize and adjust subsequent AD delivery.

4. Driven by product characteristics, strengthen the positive effect of advertising
The construction of charging piles is to improve the urban ecological environment, which is a kind of urban home, which can help traditional cities transform into smart new energy cities, and its own environmental protection characteristics can help brands leave a lasting and positive impression.

At present, the charging pile advertising is mainly for B-end customer groups, and in the future, it can gradually enrich the “gameplay” of charging pile advertising, such as Rubik’s Cube Intelligent Investment, Instant Direct Investment, Focus Direct Investment and other C-end advertising and marketing platforms, one-click publication, convenient and fast!