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Outdoor Charging Station Advertising for New Energy Vehicles

With the torrent of the times, the outdoor media has changed from traditional static to digital out-of-home, deriving more diversified forms, which includes digital billboards and outdoor signage, as well as screen networks in places like shopping malls, healthcare venues and SPA. In addition, some new media are emerging, such as the rapid growth of […]

Thermal Design And Dust Protection for Digital Outdoor Signage

The heat of the outdoor signage mainly comes from solar radiation and the heat generated by the work of electronic components, such as high-brightness LCM, the brightness generally requires 2000-3500nits in outdoor use so to have a good visual effect, according to the light conversion rate characteristics of the LED, about 70% of the power […]

Outdoor Signage Focuses on Heat Dissipation And Dust Protection

Outdoor LCD signs focus on heat dissipation and dust protection. Dust protection is not only a thermal design but also a structural design. By the diameter and quantity of outdoor dust particles checked in data, it can be determined that the outdoor dust prevention requirements are ≤1μm, which means the filter efficiency F7 or above. […]

Why Develop Outdoor Small-pitch LED Display?

For outdoor LED displays, its application is very extensive, in pedestrian streets, sidewalks, and shopping malls, we will see a lot of LED displays playing advertisements on the side, and many displays are placed in the middle of the square, people watch the distance of the display is also very close, and at this time, […]

Key Points And Difficulties of Outdoor LCD Signage Air Cooling System

Feedback from many a user: the LCD equipment is installed and the supplies are constantly fine, but in less than half a year, there is the output of various problems. After all, this is still a problem of thermal design and dust prevention. Due to the present market order, the digital outdoor signage industry is […]

Advertising Charging Pile Has A Lot of Potential

The advertising charging pile is the product of the integration of outdoor advertising equipment and new energy charging pile. As a good media carrier, not only can it make up for the profit of charging pile, but also can accelerate the process of urban media utilization. In addition, outdoor advertising internal reference believes that the […]

What Are The Application Fields of Strip Screen?

With the continuous development of electronic technology, screen display technology has also developed rapidly. Displays are also increasingly appearing in people’s field of vision in various postures. Various creative displays such as transparent screens, holographic screens, and strip screens have appeared, creating colorful display systems with different shapes for the world, so that the display […]

Reliability of Outdoor LCD Signage and Thermal Design

As the size of outdoor LCD signage continues increasing, the brightness rises as well, such as 3500nits and above, plus the demand from single-sided to double-sided, such as double-sided vertical 86 inches, double-sided vertical 98 inches, etc. The biggest problem for such outdoor LCD signage is the thermal design, especially with shape requirements. However, the […]

The Development Direction of Outdoor Digital Kiosk

Outdoor digital kiosk is extending from the previous commercial usage. Through the development these years, outdoor LCD advertising displays continue to collide with other industries, generate some new products, and apply to new fields. Such as electronic bus stop signs, electronic reading columns, smart trail screens, multimedia outdoor charging piles, smart city emergency displays and […]

Digital Information Display for Smart Community Service

Smart community refers to a community with intelligent information display as the basic unit, making full use of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new generation information technologies to provide residents with a safe, comfortable and convenient living environment, so as to form a new management model based on informatization and […]