digital signage

Catalyzed by 5G, AI, IoT and other new technologies, digital signage is not limited to one-way transmission, but has become the core of human and data interaction. In the retail industry, for example, providing retailers with personalized services, theme-based digital enhanced experiences, and other premium services; In banking and finance, to act as a touch point for customers and provide them with more intelligent services and immersive experiences. The development of new technologies will continue to enhance the application value of digital signage industry. In addition, improvements in display technology will also drive customer demand for digital signage solutions.

Ladders and transportation will also see rapid growth in the use of digital signage. The application of digital signage in the field of transportation includes not only the application of digital advertising and posters in airports, train stations, subway stations and bus stations, but also a wide range of road taxis, public transport buses and other vehicles advertising products and services. The advertising sector is expected to grow due to the rapid urbanization and development of the transportation sector in emerging countries, ultimately driving the growth of the digital signage market.

More and more hospitals are using digital signage for a variety of purposes, such as sharing important enrollment information, calling for notifications, communicating health tips and appointment information.

Under the influence of a combination of policy, demand, technology and other factors, digital signage is bound to continue to grow rapidly. In the future, SUNTUNE will take technology as the driving force to create a one-stop digital signage application platform for hardware, software and service, continue to provide professional and innovative digital signage solutions for more industries, and strive to promote the digital transformation of industry and enable the high-quality development of digital economy!