outdoor LCD advertising machine

In recent years, in all walks of life eager to quickly enhance the corporate image, promote commercial information; Governments at all levels also hope to establish the image of the city through outdoor advertising. Under the trend of beautifying the city, the important role of outdoor advertising machines is self-evident. So, what are the advantages of SUNTUNE’s outdoor LCD AD machine over traditional advertising delivery?

SUNTUNE outdoor LCD advertising machine displays HD, delicate, supportive to 4K resolution, and good visual effect. The advertising machine has a light-sensitive function, which can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient light, saving energy and protecting the environment, and effectively preventing urban light pollution. 24 hours all-weather broadcast advertising machine operation means not limited by time. It can run 24 hours without interruption, and reach the maximum degree of enterprise publicity.

Key Features.

1. Intelligent temperature controlling system
The advertising machine has a variety of heat dissipation methods such as air cooling, air conditioning, heat exchange and so on, and equipped with high temperature protection mechanism. The default mechanism is to automatically turn off the display backlight and cut off the heating source when the internal temperature exceeds 55℃. When the internal temperature drops to 45℃, the backlight will be automatically restored to work normally, so as to effectively protect the advertising machine and prolong the product life.

2. Content updates convenient, facilitate accurate propaganda
The advertising machine support wired, wireless and 4G network, information release and update convenient, remote control terminal, real-time release of information, reduce operating costs, more convenient management.

3. The program content is diverse, and supports split-screen display of customized program content, video, pictures, text information, live information, information broadcast and other content; supports horizontal and vertical display, and can be arbitrarily divided into different areas.

It is believed that in the near future, the application of outdoor advertising machine will be more and more extensive. And more brands will be benefited from the promotion.