outdoor advertising totem

With the construction of smart cities, shopping malls, squares, scenic spots, schools, parks, communities, bus stops and many other places, from a single pictorial publicity era gradually to the era of intelligent advertising, outdoor advertising equipment in major fields of advantages are increasingly prominent; the outdoor display totem has also ushered in a new boom.

As a member of the commercial display industry, for more than ten years, SUNTUNE has been constantly developing, constantly innovating, self-driven, self-refined, so what are the advantages of SUNTUNE’s outdoor advertising totem?

1. Outdoor protection
The protection level of the outdoor totem can reach IP65; meanwhile, it can also meet customer requirements in waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, anti-theft and other aspects.

2. Touch Query
Food boards, newspaper columns, traffic inquiries, etc. interaction.

3. Remote control
When there are more outdoor totems, it can realize one-click replacement of content and set automatic adjustment of shutdown time.

4. Two ways for heat dissipation
That is, ①Air cooling, and ②Air conditioning. By the temperature of different regions, it’s advised to consider the selection of different heat dissipation methods, to ensure that the outdoor advertising totem can work normally in the environment of -40 ° C to 55 ° C, and truly not afraid of cold and rain.

5. Brightness
The outdoor advertising totem, because of its application environment, resulting in the choice of LCD is also different. During the day, the brightness in the sun is relatively large, requiring outdoor totems to be visible in the sun. At night, the brightness can be automatically adjusted, suitable for human eyes to watch.

6. UV protection
If the Ultraviolet prevention and control is not done in place, it’s easy to cause damage to the LCD screen, blacken screen, and even lead to the scrapping of the LCD screen. SUNTUNE has been engaged in the outdoor industry for more than 10 years, and can deeply understand the damage of sunlight to LCD screens, and the UV blocking rate reaches 99%. It can protect the LCD screen better.

In addition, SUNTUNE’s outdoor advertising totem has its professional quality requirements in many aspects such as lightning protection, load-bearing, wiring and thermal design, and is committed to providing customers with satisfactory services.