wayfinder kiosk

Today, SUNTUNE outdoor wayfinder kiosk is spreading rapidly in the education industry, which is a fun and effective way to broadcast campus events and information about schools. Based on the Internet, the wayfinder kiosk relies on the network and wayfinding system to work on campus, providing an intelligent and convenient environment for students. HEREBY SUNTUNE TAKES YOU TO UNDERSTAND WHAT KIND OF CONVENIENCE THE INSTALLATION OF OUTDOOR LCD ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES BRINGS TO THE CAMPUS.

1. Information dissemination, saving publicity costs
SUNTUNE outdoor wayfinder kiosk can support video, music, pictures, documents and other playback forms, more convenient in information displays. The propaganda mode with pictures and texts impresses the students deeply, and its publicity role was obvious. In addition, you can also send famous teacher courses, campus activities, temporary class suspension, classroom changes, tuition payment, news updates and so on through the outdoor LCD wayfinder kiosk. This way the information dissemination can not only have a better publicity effect, but also save a large part of publicity costs!

2. Wayfinding signs
If you often go to college campuses, you may find that in a large and unfamiliar campus, tourists do not know how to get the map info they want, the smart outdoor wayfinder kiosk can be used as a way to greet visitors, guide them to the gymnasium, theater or other places they want to go. SUNTUNE outdoor LCD advertising wayfinder kiosk, because of its displaying rich in contents, can perfectly solve this problem.

3. Information release and display
The role of intelligent outdoor LCD advertising machine in schools is mainly information release, school publicity, notification, live broadcast of the competition and other aspects. SUNTUNE digital wayfinder kiosk has such flexible characteristics, it can display different content arbitrarily according to the situation, such as canteens, gymnasiums, classrooms, dormitories, offices and other places on campus, push subdivided content, support to various media terminals, can make students more intuitive, more profound feel the transformation of electronic products. More importantly, it can timely and accurately disseminate the required content, which plays a very important role in the release of campus information.

The campus is one the best places to transmit knowledge and ideas, especially on college campuses, where the students learn information very fast. SUNTUNE outdoor digital wayfinder kiosk can help students easily obtain a variety of useful information, such as current affairs, events, recent activities, etc. Nowadays, in the context of students also paying special attention to current events, the function of using online advertising can better reflect the “smart campus”, compared to the handwritten blackboard information in the past.

In short, the smart outdoor LCD advertising opportunities are prevalent in campus, which is inseparable from its unique advantages, and the special environment in which the school is located.