lcd digital signage

In order to create a system-level solution, SUNTUNE launched a new DSS information release system, which integrates H5 animation, information release, interactive touch control, data display, advertising operations and other multi-functions all in one, which can help digital signage strengthen front-end interaction, and achieve more personalized and richer content display needs.

Custom-tailored interactive marketing
The intelligence, personalization and content enrichment of digital signage are its core advantages. More and more industries are paying attention to the functional perfection of interactive marketing of digital signage. TO DISPLAY THE UBIQUITOUS VISUAL MARKETING CONCEPT, SUNTUNE CREATES A DIGITAL SIGNAGE SYSTEM-LEVEL SOLUTION, BASED ON HARDWARE PRODUCTS SUCH AS SERVERS, EDGE COMPUTING, AND COMMERCIAL DISPLAY TERMINALS WITH INFORMATION RELEASE SYSTEMS TO ACHIEVE MORE INTELLIGENT CONTENT DISPLAY AND INFORMATION DELIVERY.

Quick response
Whether it is static advertising or dynamic information, digital signage can broadcast the latest information to the public at a fast speed, such as weather, parking status, flight information, inventory information, etc. Therefore, fast information processing is the basis of a good product. With the development of platform chips and technologies, SUNTUNE continues to iterate, and the latest generation of ARM new products can easily handle human-computer interaction and complete information collection and processing.

HD display, high resolution
The public demand for information is increasing, which also requires digital signage displays to be clearer. SUNTUNE’S DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOLUTION SUPPORTS HDMI, EDP AND OTHER TYPES OF HIGH-DEFINITION 4K VIDEO DISPLAY, MEETING THE PUBLIC’S HIGHER DEMAND FOR DISPLAY AND COLOR.

Site marketing
Digital signage is the best choice for location-based advertising, and studies show that more than 70% of audiences will be interested in the content of digital signage, which is a great boost for merchant marketing. The impact of digital signage is everywhere, and the application scenarios are diverse, and SUNTUNE has motherboards, high-performance playback terminals, fanless playback terminals, and MINI terminals of multiple types and specifications, which can meet the deployment needs of different locations and applications.

Under the influence of comprehensive policies, demands, technologies and other factors, digital signage is bound to continue to develop rapidly. In the future, SUNTUNE will take technologies as the driving force to build a one-stop digital signage application platform for hardware, software and services, continue to provide professional and innovative solutions for more industries, fully promote the digital transformation of industries, and empower the high-quality development of the digital economy!