With the development of smart lighting system, the outdoor pole advertising displays continue growing with its marketization. As one senior expert says, the marketization will bring in more profits, if combined with technologies like 5G and AI. However, it brings in new problems at same time, one of which, the expert emphasizes, is how to mount the pole advertising displays.

It’s a fact that most light poles are mounted along urban trunk roads, pedestrian streets, business streets, or parks. Although the styles can be made in local favor, it’s still far enough in market demands. It’s really necessary to have the installation designed in advance. After all, only when the pole advertising displays and the light poles are integrated as ONE thing perfectly, can they beautify the circumstances that we live in a city.

Hence it’s important to make the location precise on the pole, where the advertising displays shall be positioned. The Golden Section is what we call it. Let’s see how it’s done by a few examples.
1.Trunk road with six lanes. The light poles are usually 10 to 12 meters in height, so the light can have radiation on a wider area. This way the advertising displays shall be located 4 to 5 meters high on the pole.
2.Trunk road with four lanes. The light poles are 6 to 9 meters in height. The pole advertising displays can located 3 to 4 meters high on the pole.
3.Light poles at parks, gardens, country roads. The pole advertising displays can located 2 to 3 meters high, since such light poles themselves are usually 3.5 to 4.5 meters high.

It’s a key to make sure that pole advertising displays go in coordination with the light poles, not only for the advertising values, but also for the enjoyments it brings.