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Interactive digital signage and its beauty in smart city system

Digital signage, the so-called Fifth Media, is seldom separated from advertisements. As a fact, it binds the visual and the reality so well that it’s seen in every aspect of our life. Digital signage could never be a simple player only. MEDIA, as we know, is a platform for propaganda, whose contents, in market demands, […]

Special displays empowered with black technologies

In the battle with corona virus, special displays continue working as a WINDOW in exhibiting information. Besides those applications in managing centers, new technologies are fulfilled in this or that way. Precisely because of the display screens and the multimedia clients, the epidemic be prevented successfully. 1. Public guidance Epidemic prevention does not mean social […]

Corona virus brings out new digital signage displays

As the epidemic goes steady, scientists are re-examining the roles of technology playing in this battle. More or less, the digital signage displays are never left out. They are visible everywhere, specially with its DSS system. The latter indeed helps a lot in public communications. For example, people know little about corona virus at beginning, […]

TFT interactive whiteboard in comparison with Projector electronic whiteboard

Not all people are clear with the TFT interactive whiteboard and the Projector electronic whiteboard. They are so similar in functions and usages after all. Here are some comparisons between these two boards. 1.OS The system of electronic whiteboard contains six parts: Projector, PC, USB cable, whiteboard, Touch Pen (or finger), and software. We can […]

The key to mount outdoor pole advertising displays

With the development of smart lighting system, the outdoor pole advertising displays continue growing with its marketization. As one senior expert says, the marketization will bring in more profits, if combined with technologies like 5G and AI. However, it brings in new problems at same time, one of which, the expert emphasizes, is how to […]

HD large format display indoor for conference room

It’s a tradition that video conference takes more among government institutions and enterprise groups. However, by the epidemic of coronavirus this year, it’s changed. Telecommuting, e-conference, cloud computing, are booming up as the after-rain bamboo shoots. And the large format displays are required incredibly in a good quantity. As a result, SUNTUNE offers two options […]

Conference room monitor enhanced by COVID-19

On April 17, Huawei announced an intelligent TV, as a conference room monitor newly launched on the marke, a surprise to all that it was the epidemic that made the conference tablet in advance become a focus for government and enterprise. Back to 2018, most people would think of MAXHUB in the first place when […]

SUNTUNE plans to launch new self service device

We all suffered a lot to the COVID-19. To help clients ease out of the epidemic, SUNTUNE plans to launch new self service device that is more practical in terminal markets. Designs (options for what the device looks like) can be derived from the current styles, or customized due to local style (including the color). […]