Not all people are clear with the TFT interactive whiteboard and the Projector electronic whiteboard. They are so similar in functions and usages after all. Here are some comparisons between these two boards.

The system of electronic whiteboard contains six parts: Projector, PC, USB cable, whiteboard, Touch Pen (or finger), and software. We can take the electronic whiteboard as a displaying screen with Touch, which is connected to PC via the USB cable, then PC signal is output onto the board by the Projector. With software calculation, the touch position on whiteboard can be synchronized with PC Mouse, which enables the board to be managed by Touch Pen (or finger), same as by Mouse.
TFT interactive whiteboard is even simpler. Known as a replacement once for all Projector, Screen, Whiteboard, PC etc, the TFT interactive whiteboard can be taken as a huge Tablet, running with Android, or Windows, or both. And files can be copied in, and operated via Touch Pen (or finger), same as we do on iPad.

2.Display effect
Electronic whiteboard functions as a screen for the projector, playing videos, PPT, pictures etc. It has low absorbance but high with color reduction, which leads pictures clearer and more distinguishable. Only it could be cut in if some one or thing happens in between the projector and the screen.
TFT interactive whiteboard is a bit special, however. Instead of projection, TFT interactive whiteboard has its own backlight (WLED). With no projector, the brightness is higher. Not like electronic whiteboard, the TFT interactive whiteboard looks bright enough with lights on or curtains up.
The two boards are also different in resolution. Projector electronic whiteboard usually gets 1024×768 or 1280×800, while TFT interactive whiteboard gets 1920×1080, even with 3840×2160 (UHD 4K). That’s to say, with same screen size, TFT interactive whiteboard shows more details.

3.Other functions
Both boards can be used same most of time, such as one-key screenshot, multimedia playing, remote videos, etc. But TFT interactive whiteboard has a function unique: multi-screen interaction.
TFT interactive whiteboard supports wireless transmission and reception, allowing devices connected and interacted among cellphones, Laptops, Tablets, conference displays, etc, and free of cables. Contents can be shared and controlled by different devices at the same time.

Although the electronic whiteboard needs to be purchased with both board and projector, the total amount is a little less than the TFT interactive whiteboard. However, the costs for projector would be greater in the late time, because its bulbs are usually with 2000 to 4000 hours in operation life, it calls for continuous purchases for new bulbs, which could not be a small sum in total.
TFT interactive whiteboard doesn’t generate the extra costs, because it doesn’t have to be pestered with bulb problems, while its life expectancy can reach as long as 60,000 hours.

Above all, advantages are on TFT interactive whiteboard as well as on Projector electronic whiteboard. It shall be purchased according to the actual needs.