HD large format display indoor

It’s a tradition that video conference takes more among government institutions and enterprise groups. However, by the epidemic of coronavirus this year, it’s changed. Telecommuting, e-conference, cloud computing, are booming up as the after-rain bamboo shoots. And the large format displays are required incredibly in a good quantity.

As a result, SUNTUNE offers two options for extra-large conference room specially, to reduce face-to-face trips while improve the telecommuting productivity. The options are 1)LED panel screen, and 2)LCD video wall.

With LED panel, the screen sizes can vary from 110 inch to 220 inch. 110/138/165/220 inch are recommended especially, ascribed to P1.5 the popularity for FHD. Another reason is that the P1.5 is more advantageous in pricing, compared with P1.2.

Now that come to LCD video wall, it costs much less than the LED panel with same size. For further details please go to TFT Panel LCD Video Wall.

Here are tips for the large format displays.
1. By budget 30,000 dollars or more, LED panel screen can be in consideration. Or turn to LCD video wall, especially when the budget lower than 15,000 dollars.
2. LED panel is mainly applied for government or military projects, where the splicing seam must be strict. If emphasis on resolution or price, LCD video wall is a good option. It has a better resolution than LED panel does.
3. When the screen sizes are below 220 inch (110/138 inch especially), LED panels are almost 7 times expensive as the same size by LCD video wall. But when the sizes larger than 220 inch, LED panels would be twice expensive as by LCD video wall, which makes the latter replaceable.

There are more production lines on our schedule. In the not far future, customers will enjoy the large format displays with more individualization and more differentiation.