outdoor kiosk

1. Turn on and off regularly
This is the primary function of the outdoor kiosk. Being installed outdoors, it is very inconvenient for the kiosk to switch on, so it is necessary to have a basic function so as to switch on and off regularly, usually with a microcomputer timer switch, which can support different time segments of playback control.

2. Waterproof and Sunscreen
The temperature is very different throughout the year. It rains, winds. And the humidity level changes. Such phenomena may add damage to the digital screen. Besides, rainy days and sunshine may affect the visibility of outdoor digital displays. These possibilities have to be taken into consideration. As a countermeasure, SUNTUNE has made the outdoor kiosks with own patents of waterproof and sun protection, to ensure no impact on performance even in heavy rainy days.

3. Outdoor high-brightness LCD screen
Insufficient brightness and poor anti-reflective treatment can make images difficult to see. The outdoor kiosk has a high definition, bright adjustable feature, so that the advertising contents have a beautiful visual enjoyment.

4. Operation in outdoor constant temperature
The outdoor kiosk machine adopts intelligent temperature control system for heat dissipation and heating, so that it can keep working under constant temperature conditions and improve its service life.

5. Capabilities of content management
Through this function, users can manage files at any time, adding, modifying, copying, deleting and more. At the same time, it also has a system that can store display content which is frequently reused, so that users are easy to operate.

6. Network capabilities
After the outdoor advertising machine uses the network function, it can truly realize the effective management of unmanned. Real-time data is available and downloaded programs can be updated at any time. Meanwhile, it must also have a stand-alone function, so that the advertising outdoor kiosk can still be used in the case of no network.