outdoor lcd display

With the rapid development of the industry, the outdoor LCD display surfaced out of the market slowly. Using industrial-grade LCD screen, video image is more beautiful, and the 3D sense is stronger. With straight down LED backlight, it’s visible in sunlight. With automatic photosensitive probe, adjustable brightness according to ambient light, it’s able to save energy meanwhile reduce the light pollution. With Android motherboard and DSS the information release system, the screen backlight can adopt its brightness automatically so to meet the HD image display even in the strong direct sunlight. Outdoor LCD display is a product that conforms to the market demand of outdoor advertising purposes, which is gradually replacing the light box as well as other static advertising equipments, quite suitable for government agencies, bus stations, subway stations, airports, large shopping malls, commercial pedestrian streets, residential areas, parks, tourist attractions, etc.

Key Features
1) Stylish appearance
Standard metal shell, according to customer needs, professional design, elegant and fashionable, a variety of styles, high-end extraordinary.
2) Timed backlight
Support 10 groups of time period timing backlight control, convenient and easy to operate.
3) Intelligent temperature control
Intelligent temperature control system, to maintain a constant temperature and dry environment inside the fuselage, to prevent fogging and condensation.
4) Dustproof and waterproof
The airtight design of the whole outdoor LCD display prevents external dust and water from entering the inside, reaching IP55 standard at least.
5) Sun protection and explosion-proof
The shell is galvanized steel sheet, which has been treated with technologies such as special outdoor powder spray painting, waterproof and sun protection, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof professional surface and more. It can be used outdoors for up to 10 years without fading.

Key Functions
Weather information, terminal management, split screen display, automatic download, built-in wireless Wi-Fi.