outdoor digital display

As a new type of advertising media for all-weather outdoor use, outdoor digital display must have the following components to ensure the normal operation for a long time and around the clock. ①Outdoor high brightness screen; ②Steel rust-proof housing; ③Waterproof system; ④Temperature control and heat dissipation system; ⑤Moisture-proof and anti-condensation system; ⑥Anti-theft and anti-vandalism system; ⑦Anti-natural disaster and lightning protection system; ⑧Dustproof; ⑨Protection against electromagnetic interference; ⑩Anti-biotic, anti-mold, anti-corrosion.

Basically, the outdoor digital display needs to offer feasible solutions according to the use environment, regional climate and other factors, before making a quotation. The higher the protection level and safety performance, the more expensive the price. “You get what you pay for.” Customers cannot make the price cheap for a while, while let it affect the long-term use of the advertising equipment.

Regarding the high brightness screen of outdoor digital display, the general original kind either does not meet the requirements of outdoor brightness, or the price is very expensive. Now the commonly used solution is mainly to change the backlight, and the trickiness of changing lies in the backlight lamp beads. The lamp beads are not in the same grade, the price difference is large, and the gap in quality and performance is also large. Therefore, users must know more about the internal structure and principle of the digital displays when investigating and purchasing them, or consult professionals to “shop around”.

The shell and internal hardware components of the entire outdoor digital display must be high strength, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, sealed and dustproof, and good moisture resistance. It can be imagined that if the display is used for a long time in a high temperature, rainy and humid place. It’ll be a great test to the corrosion resistance of the entire shell. SUNTUNE has undertaken a project surrounded by the sea on three sides, the special geographical environment causes the place to be humid all year round, the sea water is very corrosive and the temperature is very high, especially ultraviolet rays are very strong. SUNTUNE effectively isolates ultraviolet rays by using a special explosion-proof glass. After the simulation of the sun high temperature test, it’s fully able to withstand the high temperature and high ultraviolet environment all year round. In response to seawater corrosion, the display shell is made of high-strength steel plate, combined with the anti-corrosion paint, the shell achieves high strength and high corrosion resistance. It was put into use in 2014 and is currently working well.

A very key factor affecting the service life of outdoor digital display is that the display equipment is used for a long time in summer, the sun is hot baking, the inside of the advertising equipment is already heating, inside and outside under the blow, if there is no good temperature control and heat dissipation system, the temperature inside can reach 60 degrees, or even higher, in this environment it is very easy to cause circuit aging, or even short circuit. In a city in the Middle East, the extreme temperature reached 43 degrees in day time in summer, SUNTUNE did a targeted simulation design analysis of heat dissipation, and made reasonable planning for the air duct, and used special industrial air conditioner to control the LCD internal temperature, so that even the outside of the equipment is like a stove, the inside is still cool as autumn, which protects the PC board as well as the internal wires. The thermostat of the digital display is also very important, SUNTUNE has strong strength in technology and production, especially its own unique technology in the temperature control and heat dissipation system. As a well-known supplier, SUNTUNE has many years of R&D and manufacturing experience in the cooling system of communication cabinets, and has been highly praised by customers. INDUSTRIAL PRECISION AIR CONDITIONING IS THE CORE OF SUNTUNE’S OUTDOOR DIGITAL DISPLAY COOLING SYSTEM.

The moisture inside of the digital display should also be paid attention to, because no matter how well the waterproof is done, the interior is still very susceptible to moisture if it is in the rainy and humid season. Generally, the solution is to use anti-condensation controller, heating dehumidification, or fan dehumidification.

Because outdoor digital displays are assembled with expensive LCD modules, they are easy to be targeted by thieves. If the thieves use violent means to destroy the shell of the display, premeditated to steal the LCD module, then no matter how good the anti-theft and anti-vandalism technology is, it cannot be guaranteed to be foolproof, so the manufacturers use cameras additionally to make a record of the surroundings and possible damages, in case of processing.

In thunderstorm areas, lightning protection is also the focus of consideration, and the general manufacturer’s lightning protection practice is grounding lightning protection. If it is in a coastal typhoon-prone area, it is necessary to make a good anti-typhoon plan. The digital display itself is very heavy. If the super typhoon is encountered, while the anti-typhoon plan is not done well, once the display machine falls down, it will either get damaged or get people hurt.

There is also an invisible interference to consider: the electromagnetic interference. The computer board, which is the core component, is equivalent to the brain of the digital display. It’s loaded with extremely sophisticated CPU and other electronic parts. If there is a strong magnetic field, it will cause interference to the normal operation. Usually a metal shielding is used to solve the problem, except in special cases.

As technology advances, the business environment changes, and the functions and features of advertising machines change with it. SUNTUNE will surely keep pace with the times and create more perfect products.