outdoor digital kiosk

Outdoor digital kiosk is extending from the previous commercial usage. Through the development these years, outdoor LCD advertising displays continue to collide with other industries, generate some new products, and apply to new fields. Such as electronic bus stop signs, electronic reading columns, smart trail screens, multimedia outdoor charging piles, smart city emergency displays and more.

The continuous promotion and application of outdoor LCD display equipment has enhanced the intelligence of the city, improved people’s travel, and improved the efficiency of work.

Outdoor digital kiosk is used in the transportation industry and installed in bus stops. It displays bus route information and the real-time bus location information in multimedia form, so to improve the efficiency of public travel and visualize the information. And there is an additional display window on the bus stop, which can not only increase income points through advertising, but also broadcast public services, legal knowledge and publicity positive energy, and improve the comprehensive quality of citizens. It can also play emergency notices, information couriers, information audiences, etc.

Outdoor digital kiosk is used in scenic spots, communities and other places, forming electronic newspaper column products. Through its multimedia form, it displays different forms of information such as pictures, videos, audio, and PPT, which is more eye-catching to the public, more vivid and friendly, and can leave a deeper impression. At the same time, it can also increase the touch function, to realize human-computer interaction, change the previous one-way communication, and better provide citizens with the information they want to obtain, improve efficiency and increase interest.

Used in parks, fitness trails, the outdoor digital kiosk has produced today’s smart trail screen, through the combination of outdoor LCD screen and a new generation of technology, AI intelligence, touch control, etc., so that its display content is more intelligent, completely become your fitness butler, record your exercise time, the distance, etc. It is displayed on the interface with a sense of science and technology, which increases the interest of fitness, improves the number of fitness exercises, better completes the national fitness movement, and enables citizens to maintain a strong physique.

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