digital information display

Smart community refers to a community with intelligent information display as the basic unit, making full use of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new generation information technologies to provide residents with a safe, comfortable and convenient living environment, so as to form a new management model based on informatization and intelligent social management and services.

1. Smart Community System Functional Summary
1) Enable every resident to enjoy the safety, comfort, health and convenience brought by intelligent information displays;
2) Networked management, to provide safe, efficient and intuitive services for every resident;
3) Community information services, including publishing community management information and user inquiry information;
4) Community medical services, to provide protection knowledge services for every household.

2. The value of digital information displays to the community
1) Advancement: The digital outdoor LCD display screen is used to play a variety of massive content such as pictures, animations, and videos, reflecting the advanced nature of the community publicity board.
2) Timeliness: Community announcements, spiritual civilization publicity, common sense of life, news information, weather information, disease prevention knowledge and other information close to life, and the masses are released in a timely manner, which are also more accepted by the community.
3) Convenience: It is convenient for community residents to pay water and electricity bills and do the social security card information inquiry.

3. Play the content
1) Use digital outdoor display screens to play pictures, animations, videos and other colorful and massive content, reflecting the advanced nature of community publicity.
2) Play lively and vivid video content to increase the interest of promotional content, increase touch functions, interact with the community, attract the public, and form effective communication.
3) Through the intelligent network system, multiple devices can play content synchronously without leaving home.

4. How information is disseminated
1) Community display devices connect to the server’s management platform through 4G, Wi-Fi, Internet, and publish information remotely through management software, etc.
2) Community display devices are connected to the service host through the internal LAN, and information is published through management software.
3) Make the playback content on the management software, download it to the U disk, and update the playback content of each device through the U disk.

5. Recommended outdoor digital display model
1) Choose 55 inch BOE/LG LCD screen.
2) The brightness requirements are 2000cd/㎡ at least, with ambient automatic light perception, tempered explosion-proof glass.
3) The internal structure is designed according to the requirements for reinforcement, the firmness of the whole equipment structure can resist 12-level typhoon, the cabinet material is made of galvanized steel plate, the painting process adopts double-layer spraying outdoor powder, and the equipment is fixed with cement base + bolts interspersed to the base for fixation.
4) The whole machine adopts high-quality cooling fan to dissipate heat, plus lightning protection, overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature protection equipment, and the structure adopts design to be rainproof, dustproof and anti-sun.
5) Feature required: It adopts industrial-grade embedded Android motherboard, which can support Wi-Fi, RJ45, 4G networking, and support simultaneous control of all machines or single control of one unit, and support full HD 1920×1080 decoding.

6. Electrical parameters
1) The shell material is fully galvanized steel plate cabinet, the exterior surface is metal paint, anti-magnetic, anti-static, waterproof material, the whole machine adopts IP55 outdoor all-weather waterproof and dustproof, anti-theft, explosion-proof and other designs.
2) Highly reliable electrical protection
Leakage, overload, overvoltage protection, lightning protection device, overtemperature protection, etc.
3) Audio: It adopts two-channel, stereo surround power amplifier system, and the output power is 8 ohms 2×10W.
4) The standard of working environment temperature is 50°~ -30°, and the cooling adopts units of high-quality combination fan.
5) Protective glass: 6mm tempered explosion-proof glass.
6) The whole system adopts the principle of modular design, sustainable design and maintainable design.
7) Machine fixation: Multiple M16-24 screw posts are poured from the ground, interspersed to the bottom of the machine and fixed with nuts.
8) Light sensing and overheating protection system
Screen backlight adopts automatic ambient light sensing. The real-time adjustment of screen brightness not only meets the clear image display in the strong direct sunlight environment, but also makes the screen not dazzling and energy waste at night. When the internal temperature of the machine exceeds the limit of the LCD screen, the thermal management system will respond to turn off the LCD screen in the first time, to protect the LCD screen working in harsh environment for a long time without damage.