As the epidemic goes steady, scientists are re-examining the roles of technology playing in this battle. More or less, the digital signage displays are never left out. They are visible everywhere, specially with its DSS system. The latter indeed helps a lot in public communications.

For example, people know little about corona virus at beginning, and lack of professional instructions how to keep a lookout. Digital signage displays send the warning wherever possible, reminding people to wear mask, to wash hands, to keep away from crowd. It’s the first popularization about COVID-19.

To control the spread of epidemic, people are encouraged to stay at home. Digital signage displays are mounted at crossroads, playing routes available, or speeding up the traffic.

In hospital, digital signage displays not only guide patients to the right doctor, but also show the real-time queue. Moreover, heroes and their stories can play in videos, which does help public calming down.

A most important phenomenon is that new digital signage displays are brought out during the epidemic. Electronic board with temperature tester is one of them. Now that many schools are starting back to normal, SUNTUNE has launched a series of solutions for campus security, including face attendance, interactive whiteboard, classroom electronic board. They all are integrated with the chip of temperature, which can finish the tests instantly as well as precisely. Presently, the solutions are accepted by 41 countries.

And now to the hand sanitizer advertising display. It’s made with the original intention to keep hands hygiene. The kiosk works with a 21.5 inch screen, embedded with an auto distributor, which can provide the sanitizer with gel, foam, or liquid. Running with cloud technologies, the sanitizer kiosk plays videos, texts, advertisements, real-time news, health advice and ways for hands washing. It’s efficient easing down feelings of stress. So far, 500 these kiosks have been laid out in Europe, mainly for medical clinics, fitness clubs, shopping malls etc.

SUNTUNE will make sure all its products qualified before the delivery.