outdoor touch screen cabinet ip65

In the battle with corona virus, special displays continue working as a WINDOW in exhibiting information. Besides those applications in managing centers, new technologies are fulfilled in this or that way. Precisely because of the display screens and the multimedia clients, the epidemic be prevented successfully.

1. Public guidance
Epidemic prevention does not mean social freezing. Anyway, services in necessity have to go on. Many public places like airports, stations, supermarkets, hospitals, the on-site guidance is an important part in traffic management. Digital signage and display screens can do this with more advantages. (1)Non-personal contact, which definitely drops off the risk of infection. (2)Command and control digitized. Epidemic can be updated in real time on digital billboards, and instructions can be changed the moment necessary.

2. On-site self-service
Although it’s encouraged to avoid going out, exceptions may take place. Under this condition, the self service devices become an option hot and practical, which is quite convenient with touch screen, camera, fingerprint, scanner, and printer. The outdoor package cabinet is especially useful. Cooperated with disinfection facilities, the outdoor touch screen cabinet (IP65) helps a lot with non-contact delivery.
Shopping malls are also mounted with self ordering kiosks. By scanning QR code, or pay-with-your-face technology, customers can finish the buying in a shortest time, interpreting “quick pass” perfectly!
Non-contact services have been expanded to other more fields, such as parking lots, gas stations, fast-foods, banks…where the special displays and interactive devices are applied all the way. Communities are alive no less than usual.

3. Public propaganda
In epidemic, nothing can be more important than the confidence in public. To do this billboard displays play a role that cannot be neglected.
Unlike the traditional ways by loudspeakers or leaflets, street advertising display devices have more advantages. The huge led displays mounted on building, encouraging with cheers especially. It has become a popularity from Wuhan to other global cities.
Special displays have a variety in publicity, not only the typical large screens, but also public signage, elevator signs, touch screens. All these media players have taken part in the publicity 24 hours a day, covering whole fields with targeted information.

Above all, the special displays, with screens from small to large, have joined in the battle with COVID-19. So far so good. They’ll become an invaluable heritage after the epidemic, continue working as they could. We have the faith that the display industry will thrive more in future.