mirror advertising screen with body sensor

Magic mirror is actually a mirror with TFT monitor display. When integrated with motion sensor, touch screen, camera, WiFi, and drived by a certain software or App, it becomes an interactive mirror tv. Samsung, who is famous for its smart phone and TFT panel, is said the pioneer of mirror displays.

SUNTUNE, though started later, has followed up and made new progress on tv in mirrors, thanks to the great technologies and the well-targeted steps.

By the name, magic mirror can be used exactly as how we use with a mirror. The magic is, it’s a tv mirror, a video mirror, a fitting room mirror with human-computer interaction. Accordingly, some features can only be unique to the magic mirrors. For example, you can enjoy hot news, traffic info, weather conditions, or precautions for going out, while no stop from dressing up. If like, you can even set up with a sweet voice to remind you of anything important. Amazing!

Magic mirror is seen often in retail and services, such as hair salon, fitness club, cosmetics shops, cafeteria, restaurant, hotel, etc. By a makeup software, the mirror can display instructions for dressing matching, even make a demo how you would look like instantly if you step in front of the mirror. By a healthy app, the mirror can tell out your health index, even suggest a health plan personally for yourself.

Magic mirror can also be applied in smart home system, and connected to lights, curtains, heaters, air-conditioner, even monitors. It can also receive information pushed from other smart devices.

Smart mirror will be a great helper in our lives.