advertising totem pole

5G is coming! The outdoor light poles, as the carrier of 5G and its micro NodeB, also come into scale faster than the last year. As a matter of fact, 5G poles are only one presentation of the smart applications. Then, what other functions shall the poles to have to make the applications complete?

Here are some points for reference.

1) Street Lights. 5G poles are originally based on city lighting, or no need to make the carriers into poles.

2) 5G micro NodeB. 5G stations are required massively, while the 5G micro NodeB can be a supplement to add more capacity, plus the layout of light poles are so intensive in a city, it’s a good option for these totem poles to hold up with micro NodeB.

3) Dome Camera. Security is a part of IoT. And 5G carriers have advantages with so large coverage of an area. It’s said, to mount the surveillance with 5G is a trend in the coming time.

4) Environment Detector. 5G totem poles could also be the carrier for city services, among which the environment detector is concerned a lot with our daily life, for it not only tells atmosphere conditions such as PM2.5, temperature and humidity, but also send warns ahead of tough weather.

5) LED street screens. LED street screens can play back the environment detection. Meanwhile it can also publish emergency warnings, or advertising contents. Same as other video billboards, LED street screens have a wide applications, and play an important part in the epidemic of corona virus.

6) IP DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting). IP DMB can be the first output of natural disaster, public emergency, public hygiene, or public crisis. Since it can cover places more than LED street screens, people can learn the emergency in the first time, so as to reduce the loss to the minimum.

7) Smart charging pile. Green travel is encouraged now. By so the electronic cars have been prevailing for years. As predicted, charging piles can only be more with the popularity of electronic cars. Tests have proved that it’s economical to have charging piles integrated with 5G carriers.

Above all, a 5G totem pole shall carry on with lights, micro NodeB, video camera, environment detection, IP DMB and charging pile. In the process of smart city, these integrations are indispensable.

Recent projects of outdoor LED pole advertising displays by SUNTUNE.