automated retail vending machine

At the age of IoT and AI, we are surrounded with smart devices. To balance online consumers and offline experiences, the automated retail vending machine comes into being a key solution. By customization and analysis, the traditional retailers are no difficulty in shifting their business higher. This trend is especially boosted up by the epidemic of COVID-19.

Most vending machines are equipped with LCD monitor 32 inch, but with 21.5 inch, 43 inch, 55 inch and 65 inch as options. Touch screen and transparent can work together, I.E., the transparent showcase, so goods can be seen through while auto video player displaying the according info. Of course, 3D effect is available as well. As spare parts, LED belt or light box can be embedded into the vending machine enclosure, making it shining and attractive.

Regarding the selling, the vending machine body can hold hundreds of FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), like snacks and drinks, emergency medicine, smart products and their accessories (phone cases, Bluetooth earphones, 3D glasses), even sex toys, condoms, etc. There’s no need to worry about the volume, for vending machines are made ready with extension, with inner modification at anytime. It means the aisles can adapt to many kinds of goods.

Vending machines work with human-computer interaction, specialized in targeting consumers. It allows operators, franchisees, retail terminals and third-party payment platforms all to join in simultaneously. Most likely, the beneficiaries could be from shopping malls, residential buildings, office buildings, airports, high-speed rail stations, highway rest-stops the transportation hubs.

The automatic payment machine is not only a selling platform, but also an operation and management platform. It’s enhanced consumption experience by combining online with offline. In a predictable future, we might be a witness to those digital vending machines that can only be met in science fictions. Who can say it’s not possible?