bus digital display

With the development of smart cities, the demand for outdoor LCD advertising player is increasing, and there are many applications and uses, with a wide range of solutions and styles, then what kind of players can be better applied for users?

1. Exterior styling
To select a player, first of all, it depends on what kind of environment it will be installed in, such as: community gates, commercial streets, campus, bus stops, etc. The surrounding is different, the LCD advertising player is better integrated into it. SUNTUNE RECOMMENDS CHOOSING THE EXTERIOR STYLING MOST SUITABLE, OR HAVING IT CUSTOMIZED.

2. Configure features
Secondly, it depends on how the device is used, whether it will install and run specific software. If you only play pictures, videos, text and other information, you can choose an Android motherboard, or take the solution with HDMI motherboard. If you have software to run, you need to choose either Android or Windows, according to what type of the software and the configurations required. If there are interactive queries, you need to add touch capabilities. If face recognition is required, you need to add cameras for face recognition. Meanwhile many other features can be added, such as QR code scanner, fingerprint reader, printer, and so on.

3. Mode of heat dissipation
There are usually 2 kinds of outdoor LCD advertising player, namely air-cooling (IP55) and air conditioning (IP65). In areas with little temperature difference, air cooling can be OK to dissipate heat. If the temperature difference between day and night is large and the winter is relatively cold, it is better to use an air conditioner for heat control. If the budget is limited, the air-cooled heat dissipation can also be used instead of the air conditioning, only one or two electric heaters need to be installed inside the equipment. Take in mind that the heaters effect will not be as good as the air conditioning. Feel free to contact SUNTUNE if it’s in special places, and we will work with you for the best solution.

4. Screen brightness
Outdoor LCD screens are usually with the brightness more than 2000 Nits. SUNTUNE is capable of producing and supplying monitor brightness such as 2500 Nits, 3000 Nits, 4000 Nits, 5000 Nits, etc. The principle is that the brightness shall be applicable, it does not have to be too high after all.

In addition to the above points, other features such as waterproof, dustproof, lightning, explosion-proof and more, are all essential functions of SUNTUNE LCD advertising player.