touch screen interactive table

SUNTUNE manufactured some tabletop kiosks for Europe (Here download the pictures). By feedback, digital marketing and mobile advertising are still the main fields for newly added advertising costs. However, the whole industry is in reformation, with the help of big data, AI, IoT and other technological advances. For example, contents are in transit from man creativity to machine creativity. Believe it or not, the digitization is now leading in advertising industry, and programmatic buying the mainstream way.

With AI joined in, the table top kiosk, together with other interactive touch screens, can be a strong helper in the new retail, specially when it’s laid outdoor, where people are more willing to consume. As for the changes it brings in for the offline sale, let’s take tabletop kiosk as a representative for all interactive multimedia kiosks in this article, and make an analysis following the points hereby as below.

1. Consumers Insight
In offline selling, targeting consumers is the premise of all activities. However, the traditional targeting depends a lot on subjectivity, there’s no way to tell details for all consumers either. AI is different, it can get consumers identified, keep records of their favor, forecast their consumption, lower the launch cost, and improve the marketing effectiveness. At the present time, interactive kiosks by SUNTUNE have been enabled with AI already.

2. Contents Creativity
As it’s known, most marketing ideas and designs are done artificially, with too long period of production and lack of creativity, unable to satisfy the interests of different consumers. Empowered with AI, however, the interactive tabletop kiosk can integrate and analyse materials in a short time, then generate options for marketing posters according to propaganda, marketing scenario, and consumers identification, which does save a lot of time for creativity, while attracts more attention from targeted customers.

3. Interaction Enabled
Thanks to the universal mobile devices, interactive technologies are soon well known by public, with the first wave as QR code, AR, mini programs, and later the more innovative as face identification, voice interaction, screen interaction, live broadcast, etc. The new technologies lead to a remarkable sensory experience.

4. Audience On Demand (AOD)
Programmed pattern, LBS (Location Based Services), IP empowerment, Real time optimization, these are the key functions of the tabletop kiosk. AI technology, by classifying and analyzing from big data, can find out the targeted consumers as well as their preferences, to help advertisers make the best choice on scenes, contents and time, to reduce the costs while achieve the optimal marketing effect.

5. Performance Evaluation
It’s no more a news for faked advertisements running on internet. To honest advertisers, it’s completely an unfair competition. However, when accomplished the renovation of digital transformation and integration, advertisers can see through the whole marketing process, including editing, publishing, analyzing, integrating, and completing the data report in the end. Digitization has not only helped advertisers save budgets, but also ensured the propaganda and its security from malicious competitions.

SUNTUNE is more inclined to improve this AI plus digitization supported marketing system, and have it applied on all future tabletop kiosks.