outdoor display monitor

Outdoor display monitor, not only can bring good visual and auditory enjoyment of information dissemination, but also can be widely used in advertising playback, information release, media communication, touch interactive query, etc. The following tells a few scenes that the outdoor display monitor be applied.

1. Campus
Applied in the campus, it’s usually for the dissemination of campus culture and high-tech demonstrations, or to show some management rules, or systems to facilitate school education, or student communication, etc.

2. Hotel
Such as hotel introduction, restaurant signature dishes, retail prices, special services, preferential activities, the latest product information, notices and announcements, etc. The outdoor display monitor can be well promoted in a timely manner for the hotel image, service introduction, preferred activities and other publicity.

3. Community
When applied in the park, the outdoor display monitor can be used to show some real-time notifications such as activity rules and systems, which can better serve everyone.

4. Highway
Being made as outdoor electronic bulletin board, the outdoor display monitor can play a good role in publicizing culture, advertising and announcements, and is also an important part of the construction of smart cities.

On the one hand, outdoor display monitor can choose advertising forms according to the characteristics of the region, such as in commercial streets, squares, parks, transportation, large shopping plazas, real estate, tourist attractions, schools, stations and other outdoor public places where a large number of people gather. On the other hand, the traditional media can promote advertising contents in limited ways, while the outdoor display monitor can broadcast rich contents, in diverse forms, and remotely, so to achieve better publicity effect.