outdoor advertising media

With the advent of the digital age, the survival space of traditional media has been weakened, and TV’s status as an industry leader has been surpassed. Compared to the decline of traditional media business, the story of outdoor advertising is completely different. It is widely used in the scenes we live in, and in more diverse forms. Subtly, the way brands interact with consumers is changing.

A new audience for outdoor media
The new era has come, technologies such as the Internet of Things will give energy to outdoor advertising, the big data will drive creativity to achieve online and offline linkage, the rapid iteration of technology is dazzling, and various opportunities are fleeting. In the new era of platform development, it will be difficult for advertising media to survive alone. What advertisers need most is a platform agency that can read consumers, find the inevitable relationship between consumers and brands, and then provide effective methods, integrate various media resources, and visualize the entire delivery process.

Multi-sensory attraction
Outdoor media itself focuses on static communication. Just as TV combined with visual and auditory can occupy the dominant position of the media, if outdoor advertising can combine multiple sensory sensations such as “sight, hearing, smell, touch” to form a complementary communication, it will broaden consumers’ information reception channels, and also allow consumers to pay attention, interest, hobbies and deep memories. For example, the TEA FRAGRANCE at Luohu Subway Station.

Outdoor media content is emotional
In such an era of information flooding, quality content can attract more audiences, the platform in the field of new media is more to show content, like emotional topic type of content more attractive to the audience, a certain plot point or a sentence is easy to touch people’s hearts, on the basis of satisfying their own emotional expression, to the public’s emotional problems as the core, with emotional text to tell, the content often comes from real life, people’s emotions have a certain soothing and guiding effect.

Nowadays, the outdoor advertising market is becoming more and more standardized, and the potential market for outdoor screens has been further explored, bringing new business opportunities for the development of outdoor displays. In the face of such a huge Red Sea market, outdoor display manufacturers should seize the opportunity and occupy an important position in the outdoor market.