lcd electronic signboard

Although there are many types of advertising machines on the market now, they are generally thick and heavy, inflexible in movement, and inconvenient for frequent transfers. In response to the pain points of users, SUNTUNE has designed and developed a folding high-definition digital signboard advertising player. This is an advertising machine that integrates many highlights such as fashionable shape, excellent performance and convenient storage, which is very suitable for frequent use needs in stores, exhibitions and other scenes.

1. The playback screen is interesting
Unlike traditional billboards, digital signboards are not so monotonous. Because the playback screen is dynamic, video, picture, text mixed playback, full-format HD video decoding, 1080P true HD display screen carousel background music, split-screen playback or full-screen playback, multi-screen page loop, automatic playback of advertising content every time the power is turned on, the advertising content of digital signboard can be directly imported to the storage device through the U disk to achieve automatic playback. In the process of using the digital signboard, it can be moved around. This can improve the effectiveness of advertising, attract more attention, and increase the traffic of the business.

2. Content can be published remotely
Using traditional billboards to publish advertising content often requires replacing content one by one, which is a cumbersome process. However, if you choose the LCD digital signboard, you can directly publish the replacement content remotely, while publish multiple contents at the same time.

3. Screen HD
LCD digital signboard got screen high-definition, the resolution supports 1080P and 4K, clear picture. By using LCD digital signboard, the dynamic publicity and diversified material display can make the advertising content more attractive and enhance the popularity flow of the store better.

4. Convenient timed playback and management
LCD digital signboard, with higher brightness, farther and clearer visibility, can play advertising content regularly. For example, when there is multiple content to be pushed, the traditional billboard needs to be played manually, while the LCD digital signboard can be played regularly according to the requirements of the merchant, which can realize the independent operation of the equipment without too much human management.

5. Multiple publishing methods to adapt to various scenarios
1) U disk upload: Create the corresponding folder on the U disk, insert the U disk into the terminal to automatically copy the materials to the digital signboard, and remove the U disk after the copy completed. It solves the problem of customers sending simple interfaces with network unavailable.
2) Hot Release: The WiFi hotspot in the Android system is automatically activated, so that the mobile device can connect to the hotspot released by the terminal to the digital signboard, and send the completed H5 web page and local materials (pictures, videos, texts, etc.) on the mobile terminal; Because it is point-to-point, it will be transmitted at a higher speed than the traditional network, and large files such as videos can be uploaded more quickly.
3) Web Release: Through the WAN terminal sending interface, it solves the customer’s requirements for multiple terminal group transmission.

6. Foldable, reorganizable and removable
Different from the traditional heavy advertising machine, the LCD digital signboard is designed with a foldable storage bracket, and can also be powered by a large-capacity portable mobile power supply, which can be flexibly transferred and put wherever you want.

The advantages of LCD digital signboard are obvious, and more physical stores and counters will use it as an advertising machine. This is not only because of the many advantages it has, but also because of the convenience and high value it provides. IN THE FUTURE, SUNTUNE BELIEVES THAT THE LCD DIGITAL SIGNBOARDS WILL MOST LIKELY REPLACE THE TRADITIONAL BILLBOARDS COMPLETELY.