advertising machine

The advertising machine solution allows you to transform the traditional 4S store you operate into a 5S store. This more S, is usually what we call additional functions (Supplement), for users to buy, see and maintain cars to provide high-tech intelligent display, large-screen DVD theater, timely acquisition of vehicle information, and the perfect embodiment of their own car brand on the display screen, the existence of advertising all-in-one machine, is a more intuitive understanding of the unique driving functions and technical selling points of the main model. For example, in the rest area, users are provided with an actionable video experience of touch-splicing car structure analysis model schematic, which not only helps users better understand the model, but also increases the sense of technology in the store.

When you first enter the door of the 5S store, the glass sensor door will gently open for you, standing at the door of the exhibition hall, wisps of music are pervasive and flowing on the four walls and overhead, you will feel as if you have arrived at a “five-star home”. There is a comprehensive electronic inquiry touch screen in a prominent position, you can check all the service content of the store and questions about car knowledge, and the exquisite network advertising machine next to the booth introduces the various performance parameters of each model in detail.

I. Exhibition hall
Division: glass curtain wall of the exhibition hall, entrance welcome area, vehicle booth area
Recommended products:
Dual-screen ultra-thin hoisting advertising machine (exhibition hall glass curtain wall); vertical advertising machine or ultra-thin wall-mounted advertising machine (entrance welcome area); interactive touch inquiry machine (vehicle booth area).
Main application content:
1. Play eye-catching advertisements such as new car poster promotional pictures, new car test drive experience, new car promotional videos and other eye-catching advertisements in the window area;
2. At the entrance greeting, recommend the best-selling models through the official video, and play the preferential model package, car interior, charging and service standards, the weather, time, welcome message and other information on a loop;
3. In the vehicle display area, the interactive operation content of different models is customized through the interactive touch inquiry machine, and the information that cannot be displayed by the physical vehicle such as model structure diagram, model engine performance, model interior, and multiple color choices of the model is presented in 3D;
4. Display a variety of alternative car purchase methods, which is convenient for customers to self-query and choose the purchase method that meets their own economic conditions.

Ⅱ. Customer negotiation area
Recommended products: interactive touch series advertising machine (vertical, wall-mounted, horizontal).
Main application content:
1. Independently play various promotion information (such as model purchase package, charging standard, service content, new car release promotional video, etc.);
2. When the customer touches, the product software presents the car 3D model selection interface, which can be selected according to the customer’s click, showing the overall structure, characteristics and comparative superiority of the desired model in an all-round way;
3. Split-screen playback of various automobile model rally races, crash test processes and results, model internal assembly and other model videos;

Ⅲ. Maintenance reception area
Recommended products: hoisting horizontal advertising machine (pick-up area), counter multimedia terminal (reception counter), wall-mounted advertising machine (wall-mounted in reception counter area).
Main application content:
1. Display information such as maintenance appointment, pick-up dynamics, current maintenance status, maintenance queue, and vehicles to be picked up in the pick-up area;
2. Dynamically display the information of various service products through the counter multimedia terminal to attract customer attention;
3. In the wall-mounted area of the reception counter, you can play the service type charging standard in batches, and display the maintenance status information (such as the current maintenance status, estimated maintenance and pick-up time, etc.) in real time.

Ⅳ. Repair waiting area
1. Replace the traditional hanging and placing banners, slogans, printed materials, random placement of banners, roll-up and other promotional paper media, through intelligent interactive digital signage, build a modern automobile marketing service space for automobile 4S stores and enhance the overall brand image;
2. Vigorously recommend hot products and seasonal promotional information through the media playback format with sound and pictures, attract customers’ attention, deepen customer impression, and effectively stimulate customers’ desire to consume;
3. Customers can independently experience the complete form of their favorite car in a relaxed atmosphere; good self-service experience service, all-round in-depth understanding of products, and strengthen the desire to buy. At the same time, cooperate with sales personnel to make on-site introductions to effectively improve automobile sales performance;
4. A full range of digital services to ease the pressure of customers waiting and create a relaxed pick-up environment by updating reservation, repair and pickup information in real time. At the same time, make full use of the waiting time of customers to handle business, uninterrupted dynamic playback of the advantages of service products, and promote customers’ understanding of maintenance products;
5. Product placement advertising and marketing model to achieve effective promotion of service products; intelligent interactive real-time inquiry service to effectively improve customer satisfaction;
6. Through the back-end platform software, the information release content of all terminal devices is uniformly managed, and the program replacement is simple, which greatly reduces the cost of marketing and publicity;
7. Make full use of existing equipment to realize network video conferencing, timely convey headquarters information, and enhance effective communication between stores and headquarters across the country.

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