network multimedia advertising player

With the smart city carried on, IoT has been sweeping across the whole display industry. As a result, it calls for updating and upgrading of all advertising media players, especially those mounted many years ago. It happens all the time when the market comes to a saturation, new demands will arise quick in a short time. Apparently, it’s the man-machine interface that will be welcome more, for it’s inclined to take advantage of the technologies like AI and 5G. Technology is the primary productive force after all.

Then by what factors the advertising media player is driven on? Let’s say FIVE. It’s not difficult to do some analysis for better understanding. (Send messages to We’ll be very happy to hear what you think on this topic.)

01. Location is relied heavy as usual.
Location here has two meanings. One is the device itself. Advertising media player is the mainstream media of offline advertisements. Its location gets concerned with scenarios around, while scenarios concerned with folks. It’s a must that folks and advertisers are matched directly. Hence the device location is important as one source for data management.
The second concept is that advertising contents shall be concerned with stores nearby, not those faraway in other locations. It works for chain stores. As for the audience, what they see is exactly about the local store they visit. This way it can raise more attendance, also make the advertisement better.

02. Display resolution comes higher.
It means the pixel pitch smaller. P1.2, P1.5, P2.0 could be the popular options for led display screens, while 4K, 8K, 10K for lcd media displays. They are all able to do well in dynamic displaying.

03. Response is faster.
Advertising media player is the best communication for dynamic contents. For advertisers, however, fast response is important equally to the service quality. For example, upload speed, contents review, issue verification, footage replacement, together they have become a sort of standard in advertising operations. CMS by SUNTUNE can deal with connection, debugging, management all in one platform.

04. Data management is more sophisticated.
Now that the advertising media player can work with wireless at a higher speed, more advertisers prefer wireless solution with moderate costs, while the signal can be safe, stable as well as speedy. By integration, SUNTUNE can help the application system set up, so as to make sure details displayed in full.

05. Human-computer interaction becomes mainstream.
The audience, with more requirements on personality and aesthetics, is pushing the interactive multimedia player to become the mainstream, with features such as ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), image identification, infrared sensing etc. Moreover, weather, inventory, latest news can also be connected. All actions are for one purpose only, to take the initiative in reception.

So far the advertising media player has come to the bottleneck period, only by creation and audience focus, can the manufacturers continue aiming at the right direction.