commercial advertising touch display screen

Benefited from good policy, more and more scenarios are tried out for commercial display monitors. And so the display industry finds its opportunity growing steady for years. However, in the spotlight of IoT, Big Data, AI, the commercial displays get smarter, which means the trend will continue upward but with a sort of new momentum.

This growth spurt brings in not only opportunities, but also competitions. SUNTUNE has the faith that only those who are more proactive in marketing can get a head start on development. Only those who can focus on products upgrading and innovation will be leading in the competition.

As for the trend of commercial display monitor, we can gain an insight in three ways.

1. Participation and Experience
In the first stage, advertisements are transferred from paper to screens, from stand-alone to network, from Linux to Windows, then Android. Commercial displays got its first step for all things connected.
In the second stage, the keyword is EMPOWERMENT. By hardware the display monitors are engaged with touch screen, card reader, printer, camera etc, while by software the APP comes more sophisticated. No matter what, the core is PARTICIPATION. Without participation, there will be no interaction. Without interaction, the empowerment means nothing, nowhere could we find the operation data either.
But how to make customers stick to your commercial display monitors instead of your competitors’? The way is to enhance the experience. Then commercial displays come to its third stage. AI has empowered the displays with smartness, enabling the machines to listen, speak, watch, even think on its own. AI makes it easy to participate, while the experience more exciting. It’s the momentum that the commercial display monitors can be so popular in a short span.

2. Location bonus and Demand creation
At early stage, commercial display monitors grew on the location bonus, but this bonus is decreasing, which led to a low utilization of earlier devices. Hence the digital display manufacturers need to find new demands, or create the demands if need be.
Take the self service device for an example. To solve the queuing problem, self service ticket vending machine emerged. To help the fast food ordering, restaurant self service machine followed. To ease the headache of parking spot, the parking kiosk allowed fee deducted via electronic payment, cars can come or go in a minute. That’s the demand creation, by which not only the pain points get solved, the location continues releasing its bonus as well.

3. Social terms and Brand strategy
In layman’s mind, there is no the word “commercial display monitor”, because it’s not a generic term, unlike “Phone” or “TV” known by millions of people. For this reason, it’s worthwhile to keep on reinforcing the concept of “commercial display monitor”, so as to make it become one of the social terms. In the view of BRAND, fewer are there brands concerned with “commercial display” or “commercial monitor”. People would rather search by “advertising player” or “digital photo booth” to get the products they need. It’s completely different from searching specific names such as Apple, HUAWEI, DJI, NEC, etc. Therefore, manufacturers and distributors shall take brand establishment in priority, and promote the brand popularity in this competitive market.

Above all, the commercial display monitor has developed for 10 years. It comes to the stage of upgrading now, while the year 2020, when all of us are busy fighting with COVID-19, can be seen as Commercial Display 4.0. It’s a milestone for commercial display industry to greet with a new round of opportunities, though the market gets more complicated. Given that, SUNTUNE is adjusting its development strategies for next five years, which will be shared with public in the early of July.