meeting room screens

SUNTUNE is devoted to upgrading meeting room screens, to helping clients constantly improve their communication while with less costs. As for the new arrival, here are the shining features.

With customized UI, the new meeting room screens are more practical than prior, especially the Miracast. With a simple press, Miracast starts in a blink, no matter whether the files are stored in Laptop, iPad or mobile. With around control system, the lecturer can control Laptop or iPad from meeting room screens. It means the lecturer doesn’t have to come back and forth among devices. And the splitting screen is another light spot, taking maximum use of the screen size. It permits 4 devices displaying on the screen simultaneously, which indeed is convenient in data comparison.

Convenience and consideration carries on and throughout the meeting process. For example, a welcome UI page for all attendees, a comment with electronic tagging, a record with QR code scanning, etc. After all, the customized system contains lots of practical plugins, such as Timer, World Clock, Alarm.  It’s a great help in cross-time zone meetings. Another improvement is the cursor free demo. Lecturer can move around in the meeting room, still able to go on with tagging, paging,  demonstrating. All makes the meeting more fun than boredom.

Meeting room screens are configured with dual-core 64-bit ARM Cortex A53 processor, dual-core Mali450 graphics card, and UHD panel with 4K signals in, by which even those sitting at corner or last row can have a clear view. HDR, NTSC and and high-end configurations are the main features of the new arrival.

Meeting room screens are supportive to HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, DVI, VGA, LAN, RS232, and compatible with many an external device. It makes multiple devices working on ONE screen at same time. It’s amazing that depth of the meeting room screens is not thick at all, though with so many inputs and outputs. Cleverly, the modules are designed hidden in the metal enclosure. The screens look never more than so contracted,  so graceful, so light, and so much with free space.

COVID-19, the epidemic never expected in 2020, hurts everyone. But it also pushes forward with communications. People are after the efficiency. As a consequence, demand of meeting room screens booms up. With a keen insight into market, SUNTUNE launched series of meeting room screens, among which 55 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch and 86 inch are the four most popular. SUNTUNE was proud to take the lead in donating screens to hospitals at the beginning of corona virus.

At the age of AI and 5G, SUNTUNE will continue improving the quality of meeting room screens, making them more intelligent, and more affordable to public.