DOOH advertising media display

Digital transformation has not only restarted the vitality of outdoor media market, but also promoted the development of outdoor advertising market. Digital outdoor advertising is quite effective in attracting new consumers and making existing consumers increase their purchase, and has also amplified the marketing value of outdoor media.

So how does digitization amplify the value of outdoor media?

1. Disintermediation, the establishment of outdoor media digital thinking
In the past, when advertisers need to put in outdoor advertising, they need to negotiate with a large number of media, resulting in higher labor and time costs, so the intermediary role of agencies is particularly important.
The emergence of digital outdoor media has subverted this model. Through digital outdoor advertising platform, it can locate the audience that advertisers need to match in real time, and precisely match the audience with the display content. Procedural purchasing has realized standardization, transparency, precision, real-time and scale, and has become the general direction pursued by the outdoor media industry in the future. It includes real-time bidding mode (RTB) and non- real-time bidding mode (non-RTB).
Advertisers only need to focus on the digital outdoor advertising platform, can cover the vast number of people, and through the precision marketing model to reduce the cost, to achieve the desired publicity effect.

2. Enhance the interactive experience of outdoor advertising
With a single advertising display, it is difficult for consumers to have an effective interaction with the brand. Therefore, consumers are in a passive state of acceptance, and the marketing effect will decrease accordingly. Digital outdoor advertising can increase consumers’ cognition of the brand from offline and user interaction experience, so that the brand and users have emotional interaction, in-depth understanding of brand values, and through offline feedback to online communication effect. Therefore, in the era of experience economy, digital outdoor advertising not only has two-dimensional code, AR and other interactive technologies, but also will appear live broadcast, voice code interaction, face recognition and other technologies, to provide consumers with a changing, dynamic, novel all-round combination of interactive experience form.

3. Make a significant change in the marketing communication market pattern
In the subdivision of outdoor media market, the structure of marketing communication industry is changing. The value growth of traditional outdoor media is slowing down significantly. Digitalization is the trend of the future development of the industry, and the proportion of digital outdoor media purchase is rising sharply, which is the most important growth point in the future.

In the future, the Matthew effect of marketing communication market will intensify, and the growth rate of traditional outdoor advertising market will continue to decline, while the emerging digital outdoor advertising market will lead the growth rate of outdoor media market. How to grasp the future development direction, build the corresponding capacity and organizational structure, and establish the sustainable competitiveness are the severe challenges faced by outdoor media enterprises.