elevator advertising multi screen

Elevator digital signage display is supportive to dynamic media contents as well as human-machine interaction, with the main functions such as remote control, face detection, real time analysis, perceptual computing etc. It combines monitoring and advertising so well that the elevator security can be under surveillance 7 x 24 hours, while the public welfare is advocated together with the commercial advertising. Advertisers and investors both can be benefited from the operation of elevator digital signage display system.

The system includes terminal, CMS and server (host computer).
Here are the SEVEN main features.

1. Emergency key
In case of any malfunction, the trapped person can press the Emergency key to call for rescue. Then the elevator digital signage display will dial the default alarm numbers, while send SMS to the rescuers at the same time.

2. Conciliating video
In the period of waiting for rescue, the elevator digital signage display will automatically switch to conciliating videos, to play the emergency tips and tell the trapped person DOs and DON’Ts. The conciliating videos can be set in advance (max to 5 videos).

3. Visual TBK (talkback)
The elevator digital signage display also supports visual TBK. Rescuers can talk with the trapped person face to face, for which the screen will be split in TWO sections, with no other interface but the TBK interaction in real time. Then the visual talk gets ready to begin.

4. Alarm and video recording
When the alarm sets off, the video starts recording immediately. Rescuers can check and look into the records piece by piece in background. Each record starts with the alarm confirmation, and ends with the rescue over. It can be taken as evidence to back afterwards.

5. Promotion based on face ID
The elevator digital signage display runs on AI series of Android RK3288, which makes face detection accurate 99.86 percent. The detection can adapt itself to face with mask, dimness, light and shade, and lock the key positions within 1 or 2 seconds, by which it can tell out the sex and age. The important point is, the detection can learn by itself, and amend the data each time. Advertisers can take a good use of the detection and display their advertisements with targeted audiences.

6. Passenger flow statistics
With AI face detection, the elevator digital signage display does help with the passenger flow statistics, including the real time traffic statistics, the traffic trend, and the lingering time. By analyzing the statistics, it will be more scientific to make plans for future activities, so to maximize the benefits for all parties.

7. Multimedia information distribution
The CMS of elevator digital signage display is easy to set and edit the elements such as videos, pictures, documents, texts, audio, web, RSS, weather, etc. It allows media company and property company to operate with one platform, so the residents can receive messages like when the power is off, or when a tough weather will be here, or when a launch event will be held and by whom. All for the residence.

Furthermore, the elevator digital signage displays are also applied in office buildings and school buildings. As a direct manufacturer, SUNTUNE supplies these displaying items from 15.6 inch to 86 inch. Welcome for more cases.