On April 17, Huawei announced an intelligent TV, as a conference room monitor newly launched on the marke, a surprise to all that it was the epidemic that made the conference tablet in advance become a focus for government and enterprise.

Back to 2018, most people would think of MAXHUB in the first place when come to the all-in-one conference room monitor. However, it changed in 2019, when LEYARD, UNILUMIN and SUNTUNE brought out their conference displays one after another.

LEYARD, in the recent investigation by 24 organizations, says a new opportunity is coming for the video conference system with large format. By its 2019-annual report, the conference system alone generated 8 million dollars profits, which turns out true for its insights.

SUNTUNE also launched its own intelligent conference system, and succeeded in attraction resulted from the excellent performance. With the chip of HiSilicon, SUNTUNE’s conference room monitor has been integrated with UHD+AI, whiteboard, file management, wireless transmission, video conferences, etc. It’s applied practically for enterprise, education, and medical collaboration.

Then we may come to the question, why does the epidemic have so much on the conference room monitor?

In fact the global office industry has already run with the trend of conference system, only the COVID-19 makes it accelerated and stimulated, and brought forward ahead of the time.

Let’s have a look how much the conference room monitor would be in need globally. By the previous data statistics, there would be 29 million conference rooms in large, 31 million in medium, and 180 million in shared. Suppose only 10% of them larger than 120 ㎡, and a conference room monitor costs 2,000 dollars on average, the market could reach more than one billion dollars, not mention those to be updated or replaced.

It’s worth noting that there are three options for conference system: LCD, LED and DLP. When the size comes to 100 inch or larger, while requirements high in resolution and interaction, the advantage of COB+Micro LED can be outstanding.