outdoor advertising player

With the continuous acceleration of urbanization, the continuous development of the economy, the continuous improvement of living standards, the continuous development of transportation, the continuous frequency of people’s outdoor activities, and the continuous strengthening of spiritual enjoyment requirements, outdoor advertising business has sprung up. However, the outdoor environment not only has high requirements for the quality of the display advertising player, but also affects the installation of the display screen, and the installation method varies according to the outdoor place. Outdoor advertising players are mainly divided into the following installation methods: embedded type, hanging type, step type, column type, wall mounted type, etc.

1. Wall-mounted installation
Generally, a force point is made on the wall or column, the outdoor advertising player is hung on the wall, and the wall or column is used as a fixed support.

2. Column installation
Due to the lack of walls or available support points around, the installation method of column outdoor advertising player has high requirements for steel structure and is the most common installation method. For example, most of the outdoor advertisements in communities, squares, streets, scenic spots, etc. are installed by columns.

3. Step-mounted installation
It is mainly installed on the façade of the steps, and when the video is played, it will present a very beautiful display effect.

4. Pendant installation method
Mainly using the designed steel structure, the outdoor LCD advertising body is hung on the structure. It is used outdoors without wall support, and in the case of temporary use of outdoor advertising displays, the lifting method has obvious advantages.

5. Inline installation
Generally, a steel structure is installed on the wall, and then embedded in the outdoor advertising player screen with the support of the steel structure; mainly the installation place is the external wall of the building and the airport.