all in one digital signage

Coming with AI and 5G, more and more technologies are applied on the all in one digital signage, which is likely to play a major role in the daily operation of retailers and vendors. How to take a better use of digital signage? It’s a good question worthy of discussion.

1.In-store music and radio
Many restaurants and retail shops have sought the solutions of audio system, hoping to enhance customers experience and make the brands more famous, which is typical in a grocery called MUJI.
It’s a Perfect fit to play music with the all in one digital signage. A more creative solution is to make the music interactive. It permits consumers to enter the DMS by scanning a QR code, to share their voices and facial expressions on the digital signage, similar to a live broadcasting. More than one consumer would have the intention to make this show and share in his friend groups. This behavior is simply a free accurate advertising for the store. Stores shall take a good use of this interaction!

2.Weather-based menu bar
SUNTUNE was trying with a few new retail enterprises in the past months, to integrate local weather info with the all in one digital signage, by which the menu can switch itself automatically. For example, if it’s a cool day, warm gourmet items will be promoted and displayed on the menu board, while frozen drinks and salads will be downgraded.
The trial is a success. The weather-based menu bar is helpful in pushing catering packages, according to local temperature changes. It can not only make consumers feel the charm of technology, but also form a benign dependence for the consumers with no clear consuming goals. Undoubtedly, the push of goods tailored to weather is more likely to motivate more buy.

3.Queue up online
For shoppers, nothing is more annoying than a long queue line. So more and more shopkeepers are bringing in an online queue system, to ease down the queuing problem. It’s a virtual queuing system, actually, but effective in checking out, and displaying the position in queue line. When a consumer gets his turn, he’ll receive the inform from the system. All in one digital signage, which is good at advertising, can better represent a retailer’s business and solve customer service problems when they are waiting in line. This can be seen from the large-scale adoption of online queuing systems by brands such as CoCo milk tea.

In a point of data analysis, SUNTUNE can provide customers with an online queue solution, to retrieve data related to consumer traffic, queuing time and service time, by which retailers can make analysis for a precise trend. Of course, this will be in need of next generation of all in one digital signage, which will be applied with more AI technologies. They are coming soon.