AI digital signage solution

Competition is more and more fierce in retail TODAY. Every customer would like to feel valued, and have a personalized experience. Meanwhile the traditional advertising is still infamous for its undifferentiated treatments, delivering harassment more than promotion. Advertisers would think it a waste of money. At this point, AI digital signage solution is the very way to get out of the dilemma.

1. Advertisements are more autonomous and more intelligent.
Actually, marketing is the one benefited most from AI technologies. AI gives machines the ability of deep learning. Deep learning allows data extracted and purified effectively more than ever. Fed back on data, advertising contents are managed via procedures rather than manpower. Background settings, though still necessary at the present, could disappear in future. Instead, data will be put into contexts to bring out the personalized advertisements. That’s to say, in future, AI digital signage solution will be able to switch channels on what it has learned in the previous context, and add or reduce the contents all by itself. For example, if it feels the weather is hot, it’ll switch to advertisements related with cool drinkings.
AI digital signage solution is also more likely able to target individuals. Suppose a young lady comes to an intelligent harbor house, and stays in sofa area for long periods. When AI system detects her behavior, it may check through sofa info immediately, and display the info in real time, so as to create a deeper scene of marketing. It can do more by studying the lady’s characters and recommend the sofa in her favor alone. (Of course, the detection will follow privacy policy.)

2. Two-way communication makes it easier for human-machine interaction.
AI digital signage solution has already been able to recognize the directional sound, and understand the word of commands. With the two-way audio system coming, the communication between human and machine can sound more natural, pleasurable as well. It’s possible to control digital signage with voice, not only with touch. Some day, it’s believed the AI system can take care of everything, like Edwin Jarvis in Iron Man.

3. Multi functions enhance the shopping experience.
Today, technologies have broken down the barriers between online and offline. Personal services are put on the agenda. As a perfect solution, AI digital signage plays an important role in marketing. In case a customer fails to find the goods then and there, he or she usual turns away, which means a selling would be called off. This won’t happen with omni-channel shopping solution. AI digital signage will search over the inventory, and retrieve more related info for the customer. It helps the shop manager as well, to analyze each shopping behavior, so to optimize the inventory management, and display goods better for next.
In addition to being a node of online and offline, AI digital signage solution also allows customers to search brands and locations of different floors, as way-finding navigation. Namely, when you click the shop where you wish to go, the AI digital signage will display a full map of the mall, and mark out the best route for you automatically. All in your convenience and comfort.

As new technologies such as IoT and AI continue to develop and mature, the entire digital signage market is experiencing a transformation. It is certain that the interaction and personalization will become the trend. How to integrate IoT, AI and other technologies related with digital signage, is what SUNTUNE is now working for.