outdoor charging station

With the torrent of the times, the outdoor media has changed from traditional static to digital out-of-home, deriving more diversified forms, which includes digital billboards and outdoor signage, as well as screen networks in places like shopping malls, healthcare venues and SPA. In addition, some new media are emerging, such as the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, and the construction of charging stations, charging piles and other infrastructure is also accelerating into the fast lane. So will the combination of charging stations and outdoor advertising become the next gold mine in the industry?

For a long time, problems such as high construction costs, long payback cycles, and low operational efficiency have plagued the development of the charging station industry. Relying solely on charging car owners for charging often does not have much profit, let alone sustained growth. Only a few companies can achieve profitability, and most operators are struggling at the loss line. How to lean the efficiency of charging stations and improve the value of charging piles has become a new topic.

Companies in the charging industry are looking for new ways out, and one promising form of profitability is beginning to emerge: combining charging piles with outdoor advertising.

The charging station, a super large flow entrance, will continue to develop in the future, and it is inevitable to produce a new profit direction, and the combination with outdoor advertising is a good choice, and many companies have begun to layout. For example, ChargeEuropa, a company focused on electric vehicle charging networks, also smelled the potential of charging pile advertising, and deployed electric vehicle charging advertising piles in Poland and Croatia. In Poland and Croatia, where the construction of charging stations is still in its infancy, ChargeEuropa provides free EV charging services for EV drivers in both countries, builds digital out-of-home media support in prime locations, and supports the operation of charging stations with advertising revenue.

Volta Industries, an electric vehicle charging Network Company already listed on the New York Stock Exchange, is engaged in a business model in which drivers can use its charging piles outside high-end malls and supermarkets for free, and its revenue depends on advertising on 55-inch electronic displays installed on charging piles. Volta has even opened free fast charging stations since then, and eligible electric car owners can get half an hour of free charging. For business districts, the location of fast-charging stations can attract high-end customers and extend reception hours, while advertiser brands can use these sites to enhance their brand influence.

SUNTUNE is also exploring the scene of charging piles for new energy vehicles, combining outdoor high-brightness LCD display and charging module to open up commercial uses such as advertising space, so that consumers can easily self-charge their cars. This charging advertising pile has gone abroad and landed in Europe.