In 2023, the advertising market will usher in a comprehensive recovery, with the support of fully liberalized policies, outdoor consumption will increase, consumer gathering, dating, travel and other demand will rise. Outdoor advertising, especially outdoor scenes with special population value, will become one of the important marketing positions for advertisers to compete for. According to the data of CTR media outdoor advertising, the advertising expenditure of elevator LCD, cinema video, high-speed rail stations, airports, and street facilities closely related to travel and entertainment has increased by double digits month-on-month.

From the perspective of key industries, the year-on-year increase in outdoor advertising spending in the FMCG and mobility industries in March 2023 was particularly obvious, with large outdoor advertising spending and active investment in industries such as beverages, food, alcoholic beverages, post telecommunications, and transportation. The spending on elevator posters and airport advertising in the food industry doubled, and the advertising growth of elevator posters was mainly driven by the significant increase in investment in many categories such as food series products, snacks and candy, and food. The food industry has also seen varying degrees of growth in elevator LCDs, cinema video and street furniture.

The transportation industry performed well in elevator scenes and train/high-speed rail stations. New energy vehicles and express delivery services are the top categories of the industry’s advertising in the elevator scene and have a large amount of advertising, and the head brands include BYD, Maverick, Autel, etc.; Airlines and cars are the main drivers of the industry’s advertising spend on high-speed rail stations, representing brands such as JetBlue, Buick, Crosstrek and others.

In terms of new brands in March 2023, more than half of the top 30 new brands for elevator posters and street furniture advertising were from the commercial service and entertainment and leisure industries, and the number of new brands in other outdoor advertising channels was less than 30. Elevator LCD is mostly a new brand in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries; Nearly 40% of new brands in cinema video come from the transportation and home appliance industries; The new brands of high-speed rail stations account for a relatively large proportion of household goods and transportation industries; Nearly 20% of the airport’s new brands originate from the post and telecommunications industry; New brands in the entertainment and leisure and financial industries accounted for nearly half of the seats of new subway advertising brands.