interactive touch display

According to relevant reports, in the past 2019, interactive touch display got developed remarkably, particularly at the early period of corona virus. The fact is, commercial display monitor and conference system are not main choice for most companies, instead, many more are still relying on traditional TV plus independent audio processing system. Despite all this, the interactive touch display still got 250% growth compared to the year before. It tells three points at least. (1) The market has potential profits. (2) The growth continues rising. (3) It will take years for interactive touch display to break away from the traditional TV model and become the mainstream of commercial conference display.

Years ago, most commercial displays were made with LED. But LED got updated too fast, varieties too many, which caused the products unstable, and outdated soon in a few years. Interactive touch display, however, has to be invested heavily at first, with  cumbersome installation later, which makes it hard to be disassembled or replaced. For this reason, manufacturers like TCL, DAHUA, SUNTUNE, CHANGHONG have turned their attention to touch screens.

UNESCO advises to increase investment in education and training, so as to achieve the replacement of the relevant equipment within five years. Apparently the interactive touch display will have another round of development opportunities. Mr Zhang, the CEO of SUNTUNE company, who has accomplished hundreds of projects concerned with universities and schools, estimated that more than 10 millions of touch screens would be replaced in China by 2023, which is exactly the outbreak period of 5G and AI.

Supported with AI technology, interactive touch display has been successfully integrated with Bio-metrics, iAuto, VR (AR), and playing a huge role in the epidemic of COVID-19.

As data speaks for itself, the future is bright.

commercial advertising touch display screen

Benefited from good policy, more and more scenarios are tried out for commercial display monitors. And so the display industry finds its opportunity growing steady for years. However, in the spotlight of IoT, Big Data, AI, the commercial displays get smarter, which means the trend will continue upward but with a sort of new momentum.

This growth spurt brings in not only opportunities, but also competitions. SUNTUNE has the faith that only those who are more proactive in marketing can get a head start on development. Only those who can focus on products upgrading and innovation will be leading in the competition.

As for the trend of commercial display monitor, we can gain an insight in three ways.

1. Participation and Experience
In the first stage, advertisements are transferred from paper to screens, from stand-alone to network, from Linux to Windows, then Android. Commercial displays got its first step for all things connected.
In the second stage, the keyword is EMPOWERMENT. By hardware the display monitors are engaged with touch screen, card reader, printer, camera etc, while by software the APP comes more sophisticated. No matter what, the core is PARTICIPATION. Without participation, there will be no interaction. Without interaction, the empowerment means nothing, nowhere could we find the operation data either.
But how to make customers stick to your commercial display monitors instead of your competitors’? The way is to enhance the experience. Then commercial displays come to its third stage. AI has empowered the displays with smartness, enabling the machines to listen, speak, watch, even think on its own. AI makes it easy to participate, while the experience more exciting. It’s the momentum that the commercial display monitors can be so popular in a short span.

2. Location bonus and Demand creation
At early stage, commercial display monitors grew on the location bonus, but this bonus is decreasing, which led to a low utilization of earlier devices. Hence the digital display manufacturers need to find new demands, or create the demands if need be.
Take the self service device for an example. To solve the queuing problem, self service ticket vending machine emerged. To help the fast food ordering, restaurant self service machine followed. To ease the headache of parking spot, the parking kiosk allowed fee deducted via electronic payment, cars can come or go in a minute. That’s the demand creation, by which not only the pain points get solved, the location continues releasing its bonus as well.

3. Social terms and Brand strategy
In layman’s mind, there is no the word “commercial display monitor”, because it’s not a generic term, unlike “Phone” or “TV” known by millions of people. For this reason, it’s worthwhile to keep on reinforcing the concept of “commercial display monitor”, so as to make it become one of the social terms. In the view of BRAND, fewer are there brands concerned with “commercial display” or “commercial monitor”. People would rather search by “advertising player” or “digital photo booth” to get the products they need. It’s completely different from searching specific names such as Apple, HUAWEI, DJI, NEC, etc. Therefore, manufacturers and distributors shall take brand establishment in priority, and promote the brand popularity in this competitive market.

Above all, the commercial display monitor has developed for 10 years. It comes to the stage of upgrading now, while the year 2020, when all of us are busy fighting with COVID-19, can be seen as Commercial Display 4.0. It’s a milestone for commercial display industry to greet with a new round of opportunities, though the market gets more complicated. Given that, SUNTUNE is adjusting its development strategies for next five years, which will be shared with public in the early of July.

network multimedia advertising player

With the smart city carried on, IoT has been sweeping across the whole display industry. As a result, it calls for updating and upgrading of all advertising media players, especially those mounted many years ago. It happens all the time when the market comes to a saturation, new demands will arise quick in a short time. Apparently, it’s the man-machine interface that will be welcome more, for it’s inclined to take advantage of the technologies like AI and 5G. Technology is the primary productive force after all.

Then by what factors the advertising media player is driven on? Let’s say FIVE. It’s not difficult to do some analysis for better understanding. (Send messages to We’ll be very happy to hear what you think on this topic.)

01. Location is relied heavy as usual.
Location here has two meanings. One is the device itself. Advertising media player is the mainstream media of offline advertisements. Its location gets concerned with scenarios around, while scenarios concerned with folks. It’s a must that folks and advertisers are matched directly. Hence the device location is important as one source for data management.
The second concept is that advertising contents shall be concerned with stores nearby, not those faraway in other locations. It works for chain stores. As for the audience, what they see is exactly about the local store they visit. This way it can raise more attendance, also make the advertisement better.

02. Display resolution comes higher.
It means the pixel pitch smaller. P1.2, P1.5, P2.0 could be the popular options for led display screens, while 4K, 8K, 10K for lcd media displays. They are all able to do well in dynamic displaying.

03. Response is faster.
Advertising media player is the best communication for dynamic contents. For advertisers, however, fast response is important equally to the service quality. For example, upload speed, contents review, issue verification, footage replacement, together they have become a sort of standard in advertising operations. CMS by SUNTUNE can deal with connection, debugging, management all in one platform.

04. Data management is more sophisticated.
Now that the advertising media player can work with wireless at a higher speed, more advertisers prefer wireless solution with moderate costs, while the signal can be safe, stable as well as speedy. By integration, SUNTUNE can help the application system set up, so as to make sure details displayed in full.

05. Human-computer interaction becomes mainstream.
The audience, with more requirements on personality and aesthetics, is pushing the interactive multimedia player to become the mainstream, with features such as ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), image identification, infrared sensing etc. Moreover, weather, inventory, latest news can also be connected. All actions are for one purpose only, to take the initiative in reception.

So far the advertising media player has come to the bottleneck period, only by creation and audience focus, can the manufacturers continue aiming at the right direction.

led magic ball light

We all love the urban landscape lighting. It makes the nightlife so colorful. However, it’s not right to exclude the led display light while think lighting means illumination only. Actually, LED display light has won many places in urban modernization, which is embodied in projects like led glow ball, led video curtain, led wall display, led mesh screen, and so on.

LED display light with creation can raise up the commercial value of a landscape, especially when the landscape means for a building. By now, one-fold display has been a past to the building landscape, outdoor display, sphere display, brick display, curved display, rotating display, too many displays to see. They bring in the popularity of commerce, or known as landmarks of a city.

LED display light leads to huge numbers of creative displays. For example, led panels have succeeded in integration with technologies such as naked-eye 3D, man-machine interaction, VR(AR), which makes the urban lighting only more alive. Meanwhile, creative displays can also work together with light carving, making the lighting projects brilliant even more. The HD video giant advertising led tv wall, so striking with impact, not only satisfies the advertising requirements, but also meets up with the city beautification. One thing I have to say, the led outdoor display has no more pestered by lights pollution. On the contrary, with latest technologies, the led display can adapt itself to the surroundings, automatically. Hence it has a unique role in the current urban developments.

No doubt the creative led displays are relatively expensive. But the growth doesn’t be held back. After all, creative displays are a kind of product with high added values. Although costs and risks exist at same time, it’s exactly where the charm is by customization. Moreover, what customers content is the value returned. For this reason, the manufacturers shall stick to own uniqueness, find more new demands from markets, and take a good use of whatever technologies they possess, if they want to come out of the homogeneous competition.

Above all, the landscape lighting is an indispensable part in urban development, while led display light plays an important role in whole process. Since it’s the creative displays required in markets, we have reasons to believe it will be the brands with innovation that will survive in competition.

advertising totem pole

5G is coming! The outdoor light poles, as the carrier of 5G and its micro NodeB, also come into scale faster than the last year. As a matter of fact, 5G poles are only one presentation of the smart applications. Then, what other functions shall the poles to have to make the applications complete?

Here are some points for reference.

1) Street Lights. 5G poles are originally based on city lighting, or no need to make the carriers into poles.

2) 5G micro NodeB. 5G stations are required massively, while the 5G micro NodeB can be a supplement to add more capacity, plus the layout of light poles are so intensive in a city, it’s a good option for these totem poles to hold up with micro NodeB.

3) Dome Camera. Security is a part of IoT. And 5G carriers have advantages with so large coverage of an area. It’s said, to mount the surveillance with 5G is a trend in the coming time.

4) Environment Detector. 5G totem poles could also be the carrier for city services, among which the environment detector is concerned a lot with our daily life, for it not only tells atmosphere conditions such as PM2.5, temperature and humidity, but also send warns ahead of tough weather.

5) LED street screens. LED street screens can play back the environment detection. Meanwhile it can also publish emergency warnings, or advertising contents. Same as other video billboards, LED street screens have a wide applications, and play an important part in the epidemic of corona virus.

6) IP DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting). IP DMB can be the first output of natural disaster, public emergency, public hygiene, or public crisis. Since it can cover places more than LED street screens, people can learn the emergency in the first time, so as to reduce the loss to the minimum.

7) Smart charging pile. Green travel is encouraged now. By so the electronic cars have been prevailing for years. As predicted, charging piles can only be more with the popularity of electronic cars. Tests have proved that it’s economical to have charging piles integrated with 5G carriers.

Above all, a 5G totem pole shall carry on with lights, micro NodeB, video camera, environment detection, IP DMB and charging pile. In the process of smart city, these integrations are indispensable.

Recent projects of outdoor LED pole advertising displays by SUNTUNE.

mirror advertising screen with body sensor

Magic mirror is actually a mirror with TFT monitor display. When integrated with motion sensor, touch screen, camera, WiFi, and drived by a certain software or App, it becomes an interactive mirror tv. Samsung, who is famous for its smart phone and TFT panel, is said the pioneer of mirror displays.

SUNTUNE, though started later, has followed up and made new progress on tv in mirrors, thanks to the great technologies and the well-targeted steps.

By the name, magic mirror can be used exactly as how we use with a mirror. The magic is, it’s a tv mirror, a video mirror, a fitting room mirror with human-computer interaction. Accordingly, some features can only be unique to the magic mirrors. For example, you can enjoy hot news, traffic info, weather conditions, or precautions for going out, while no stop from dressing up. If like, you can even set up with a sweet voice to remind you of anything important. Amazing!

Magic mirror is seen often in retail and services, such as hair salon, fitness club, cosmetics shops, cafeteria, restaurant, hotel, etc. By a makeup software, the mirror can display instructions for dressing matching, even make a demo how you would look like instantly if you step in front of the mirror. By a healthy app, the mirror can tell out your health index, even suggest a health plan personally for yourself.

Magic mirror can also be applied in smart home system, and connected to lights, curtains, heaters, air-conditioner, even monitors. It can also receive information pushed from other smart devices.

Smart mirror will be a great helper in our lives.

automated retail vending machine

At the age of IoT and AI, we are surrounded with smart devices. To balance online consumers and offline experiences, the automated retail vending machine comes into being a key solution. By customization and analysis, the traditional retailers are no difficulty in shifting their business higher. This trend is especially boosted up by the epidemic of COVID-19.

Most vending machines are equipped with LCD monitor 32 inch, but with 21.5 inch, 43 inch, 55 inch and 65 inch as options. Touch screen and transparent can work together, I.E., the transparent showcase, so goods can be seen through while auto video player displaying the according info. Of course, 3D effect is available as well. As spare parts, LED belt or light box can be embedded into the vending machine enclosure, making it shining and attractive.

Regarding the selling, the vending machine body can hold hundreds of FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), like snacks and drinks, emergency medicine, smart products and their accessories (phone cases, Bluetooth earphones, 3D glasses), even sex toys, condoms, etc. There’s no need to worry about the volume, for vending machines are made ready with extension, with inner modification at anytime. It means the aisles can adapt to many kinds of goods.

Vending machines work with human-computer interaction, specialized in targeting consumers. It allows operators, franchisees, retail terminals and third-party payment platforms all to join in simultaneously. Most likely, the beneficiaries could be from shopping malls, residential buildings, office buildings, airports, high-speed rail stations, highway rest-stops the transportation hubs.

The automatic payment machine is not only a selling platform, but also an operation and management platform. It’s enhanced consumption experience by combining online with offline. In a predictable future, we might be a witness to those digital vending machines that can only be met in science fictions. Who can say it’s not possible?

interactive digital signage

Digital signage, the so-called Fifth Media, is seldom separated from advertisements. As a fact, it binds the visual and the reality so well that it’s seen in every aspect of our life. Digital signage could never be a simple player only.

MEDIA, as we know, is a platform for propaganda, whose contents, in market demands, can be published and updated constantly. Different from the other four medias, newspaper, television, radio, internet, the Fifth Media, digital signage is not a brand new conception, but apparently it already has become the NO.1 Media. Improved with devices such as touch screen, camera, scanner, fingerprint reader etc, the digital signage can become more interesting, more motivating, and more interactive. By one-to-one interaction, advertisements can be pushed with precision targets. Besides, digital signage can be made in different forms, combined all in one with other facilities. It makes the digital signage available anywhere, watched and followed everywhere.

Under the influence of corona virus in 2020, retails can survive only by smart technologies. Some retailers have already tried with digital signage, interactive mirror, location intelligence, self service payment kiosks, and VR apps, all of which do bring customers a new shopping experience. The application of new technologies has products speeding up with their iterations. Consumers, especially the new generations, think it high to acquire knowledge and display personality by exposing to high-tech products.

Take food and beverage as an example. Mcdonald’s has accomplished the gorgeous turn by launching its Concept Restaurant, though it’s already the NO.1 brand in fast food. Fast food ordering self service payment kiosk, digital signage, interactive game table with touch screen…customers have got their voice back on what they shall enjoy. When technology collides with food, customers do not come for dining alone, interactive and technological experience becomes more important.

Digital integration reforms our experience. What’s more, it promotes the potential business opportunities. For example, with weather data, cold drinks and ice cream can be launched precisely where they are in need. By statistics on customers’ preferences, Mcdonald’s can make the foods more favorable. With inventory information collected by digital signage, suppliers can learn where to save costs, how to sold more, or what products shall be added or reduced.

However, digital signage comes to a crisis at the present time. With new technologies applied, with more demanding from customers, the low-end products of digital signage have been out of date, no more proper in smart city system. Unavoidably, it will knock out those outdated. The turnaround is, to the brands focused on high-end digital signage, the more and more demanding will be a chance to get out of price war and win back the market.

Digital signage, is not a player for advertisements, but the main force of the smart city optimization. Beyond the Fifth Media, there will be a new digital world full of charms.

outdoor touch screen cabinet ip65

In the battle with corona virus, special displays continue working as a WINDOW in exhibiting information. Besides those applications in managing centers, new technologies are fulfilled in this or that way. Precisely because of the display screens and the multimedia clients, the epidemic be prevented successfully.

1. Public guidance
Epidemic prevention does not mean social freezing. Anyway, services in necessity have to go on. Many public places like airports, stations, supermarkets, hospitals, the on-site guidance is an important part in traffic management. Digital signage and display screens can do this with more advantages. (1)Non-personal contact, which definitely drops off the risk of infection. (2)Command and control digitized. Epidemic can be updated in real time on digital billboards, and instructions can be changed the moment necessary.

2. On-site self-service
Although it’s encouraged to avoid going out, exceptions may take place. Under this condition, the self service devices become an option hot and practical, which is quite convenient with touch screen, camera, fingerprint, scanner, and printer. The outdoor package cabinet is especially useful. Cooperated with disinfection facilities, the outdoor touch screen cabinet (IP65) helps a lot with non-contact delivery.
Shopping malls are also mounted with self ordering kiosks. By scanning QR code, or pay-with-your-face technology, customers can finish the buying in a shortest time, interpreting “quick pass” perfectly!
Non-contact services have been expanded to other more fields, such as parking lots, gas stations, fast-foods, banks…where the special displays and interactive devices are applied all the way. Communities are alive no less than usual.

3. Public propaganda
In epidemic, nothing can be more important than the confidence in public. To do this billboard displays play a role that cannot be neglected.
Unlike the traditional ways by loudspeakers or leaflets, street advertising display devices have more advantages. The huge led displays mounted on building, encouraging with cheers especially. It has become a popularity from Wuhan to other global cities.
Special displays have a variety in publicity, not only the typical large screens, but also public signage, elevator signs, touch screens. All these media players have taken part in the publicity 24 hours a day, covering whole fields with targeted information.

Above all, the special displays, with screens from small to large, have joined in the battle with COVID-19. So far so good. They’ll become an invaluable heritage after the epidemic, continue working as they could. We have the faith that the display industry will thrive more in future.

As the epidemic goes steady, scientists are re-examining the roles of technology playing in this battle. More or less, the digital signage displays are never left out. They are visible everywhere, specially with its DSS system. The latter indeed helps a lot in public communications.

For example, people know little about corona virus at beginning, and lack of professional instructions how to keep a lookout. Digital signage displays send the warning wherever possible, reminding people to wear mask, to wash hands, to keep away from crowd. It’s the first popularization about COVID-19.

To control the spread of epidemic, people are encouraged to stay at home. Digital signage displays are mounted at crossroads, playing routes available, or speeding up the traffic.

In hospital, digital signage displays not only guide patients to the right doctor, but also show the real-time queue. Moreover, heroes and their stories can play in videos, which does help public calming down.

A most important phenomenon is that new digital signage displays are brought out during the epidemic. Electronic board with temperature tester is one of them. Now that many schools are starting back to normal, SUNTUNE has launched a series of solutions for campus security, including face attendance, interactive whiteboard, classroom electronic board. They all are integrated with the chip of temperature, which can finish the tests instantly as well as precisely. Presently, the solutions are accepted by 41 countries.

And now to the hand sanitizer advertising display. It’s made with the original intention to keep hands hygiene. The kiosk works with a 21.5 inch screen, embedded with an auto distributor, which can provide the sanitizer with gel, foam, or liquid. Running with cloud technologies, the sanitizer kiosk plays videos, texts, advertisements, real-time news, health advice and ways for hands washing. It’s efficient easing down feelings of stress. So far, 500 these kiosks have been laid out in Europe, mainly for medical clinics, fitness clubs, shopping malls etc.

SUNTUNE will make sure all its products qualified before the delivery.