Outdoor Digital Displays

Hey there, looking to spread the word about your business in a big way? Want to make a splash with your next advertising campaign? It’s time to think bigger – literally. Outdoor digital displays are how you capture attention and make a memorable impression with potential customers these days. Forget tiny social media ads or being just another commercial in a sea of many, with digital signage you put your brand front and center. You know that huge electronic billboard you pass every day on your commute? That could be showcasing your product or service to thousands of people. Not only that, but you can change your message in an instant to match the season, highlight a sale, or promote an upcoming event. If you’re ready for your business to be seen in a huge way, outdoor digital signage is how to make it happen.

Outdoor Digital Signage Cuts Through the Clutter

Want to make a splash with your marketing message? Outdoor digital signage is the way to go. Those huge, eye-catching electronic billboards and displays are impossible to ignore.
• They’re big and bold. There’s no missing a giant, brightly-lit sign. Your message will be seen by thousands of people daily.
• They’re high-tech. Digital displays are modern, sleek and grab attention. Static billboards seem boring and outdated in comparison.
• They’re flexible. You can change your message anytime to highlight sales, promote new products or react to current events. Keep your content fresh and people will keep looking.
• They reach customers where they are. By placing digital signage in high-traffic areas, you’ll expose more potential clients and customers to your brand in their daily lives.

Outdoor digital displays may seem like an expensive marketing tactic, but they’re worth the investment. Eye-catching electronic billboards are a proven way to raise brand awareness, boost sales, and keep you ahead of the competition.
Think about where your customers live, work and spend time. Strategically placed digital signage in those areas will get your message in front of the right people at the right moment. Keep the content short, simple and visually compelling. Rotate through vibrant images, bold headlines and a clear call-to-action to capture — and keep — attention.
Make a big splash with outdoor digital signage. Cut through the clutter and connect with more customers. Your brand will be the one people remember.

Size Matters: Go Big or Go Home

If you want your outdoor digital sign to grab attention, size definitely matters. Go big and bold or don’t bother.
Small signs get lost in the visual clutter and won’t achieve your goal of reaching your audience. Think about it – people are driving by or walking down the street, probably distracted. You need something eye-catching to cut through the noise.
So for maximum impact, choose the largest sign you can afford and permits allow. The more square footage the better. Huge signs spanning entire building sides are ideal since they’re pretty hard to miss! If that’s not possible, at minimum go for something in the 20 to 30 foot range.
Once you have the size settled, pick a placement that maximizes visibility and traffic. Think busy intersections, freeway exits, major roadways. The more eyeballs the better, so do some counting to determine the highest traffic areas.
With size and placement optimized, you’ll have a winning combination for an outdoor digital display that gets crazy attention and results. Your message will come through loud and clear, and the size of the sign alone creates a sense of importance that really resonates with people.
Going big is the only way to stand out in a sea of visual noise. When it comes to outdoor digital signage, size definitely matters, so take up as much space as you possibly can and your message will get the maximum exposure. Capturing attention has never been easier!

Location, Location, Location: Place Your Signage Strategically

1. Location is Key
When placing your outdoor digital signage, location is the most important factor. Think strategically about high-traffic areas where many potential customers will see your message. Some prime spots include:
• Near building entrances or storefronts. Place your sign where people are entering or exiting a business. This catches their attention when they’re close enough to take action on your message.
• At intersections or crosswalks. Installing your sign at a stoplight or crosswalk means drivers and pedestrians will view your content while waiting for the light to change or traffic to clear.
• Along major roadways. Choose a location along a busy street, highway or interstate. Although viewers will only see your message for a few seconds, the high volume of traffic means maximum visibility.
• Eye level is best. Mount your digital display at a height where most people will naturally look, around 5 to 7 feet high. This makes your content easy to see and engage with as people are walking or driving by.

2. Content is King
Of course, location only gets you so far – the content you feature on your signage is what will capture attention and drive action. Some tips for creating impactful content:
• Keep it brief. With just a few seconds to capture attention, use an attention-grabbing headline and minimal text. Around 6 to 8 words is ideal.
• Use bold colors and large text. Bright colors and big text are most visible from far away and high contrast is eye-catching.
• Show visuals when possible. Images are highly engaging and easier to quickly comprehend than text alone. Feature product photos, service graphics or your company logo when relevant.
• Offer value. Provide useful information, an irresistible offer or promotion, or entertainment. Give viewers a reason to take interest in your message.
• Change it up. Update your content frequently to capture return viewers and give people a reason to look at your sign more than once. Consistently fresh and new content will keep audiences engaged.

Location and strategic placement are essential for maximizing visibility, but captivating content is what will turn views into action. With the right message in the right place, your outdoor digital signage is sure to capture attention.

Keep Your Content Dynamic and Engaging

To capture and keep the attention of viewers, the content on your outdoor digital displays needs to be dynamic and engaging. Static, unchanging messages will bore audiences and defeat the purpose of using digital signage.
1. Update Frequently
Outdoor digital signs should feature content that changes frequently – at least 2-3 times per minute. This could be rotating between images, transitioning between short video clips, or displaying a series of different text messages. Keeping things moving at a brisk pace will make viewers more likely to notice your sign and less likely to tune it out.
2. Use Visuals
Leverage the power of visuals like photos, graphics, illustrations or video on your outdoor digital displays. Studies show that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text alone. Even just adding an interesting image to accompany your message can help capture attention. For digital billboards specifically, use high resolution images and video optimized for the large format.
3. Keep it Short
With outdoor digital signage, shorter is better. Viewers only have a few seconds as they walk or drive by to read and comprehend the message. Keep content to a maximum of 10 words for text or 5-7 seconds for video clips. Using less text and focusing on a single, concise message will make it more impactful.
4. Mix it Up
Don’t just repeat the same content over and over. Rotate through a series of different messages, images, and video clips to provide variety for repeat viewers and capture the interest of new viewers. You might promote a new product one day, highlight a sale the next day, and feature an inspirational message the day after that. Keeping your content fresh and changing will motivate viewers to keep checking your sign to see what’s new.

Using a mix of dynamic visual and textual content that is frequently updated and rotated will transform your outdoor digital displays into an engaging platform for grabbing attention and sharing your message with audiences on the go. Keep things brief, eye-catching and ever-changing to cut through the clutter and connect with viewers.

Track Your Results and Optimize

Once your outdoor digital display is up and running, it’s time to start measuring how effective it is. Tracking key metrics will show you what’s working and what could use improvement. Make adjustments to optimize your content and targeting for the best results.
1. Monitor Impressions and Views
See how many people are seeing your ads by tracking impressions (how many times the ad is displayed) and views (how many times the ad is actually watched or clicked on). High impressions but low views could mean your creative needs improvement or isn’t targeted well.
2. Check Audience Retention
Use your digital display software to see how long people are engaging with your content. If viewers are only watching for a few seconds, you may need to make your messaging more concise or eye-catching. Longer retention, on the other hand, means you have their interest.
3. Analyze Conversion Rates
The most important metric is whether your ads are prompting people to take action. Track how many views convert to clicks, calls, email signups or whatever goal is most relevant. Low conversion could be a targeting, creative or even technical issue. Review and revise accordingly.
4. Make Changes and Test Again
Don’t be afraid to experiment with different content, formats, timing, motion and more. You might try changing the copy or visuals, using video instead of static images, or displaying at a different time of day. Keep testing new versions to see which ones resonate most with your audience. Measure the results to determine the winners.

Continually monitoring performance, optimizing based on insights and testing new alternatives will help ensure your outdoor digital display achieves maximum impact. Paying close attention to how actual viewers respond to your content is the key to capturing attention and driving the outcomes that matter most to your business.


So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your business get lost in the crowd. Outdoor digital signage is an innovative way to capture attention and stand out. With eye-catching displays, you can promote sales, build your brand, and engage customers like never before. The possibilities are endless when you take your messaging to the streets. Give people something to talk about and a reason to choose you over the competition. Outdoor digital displays are a smart investment that will transform how people see your business. Take a chance and watch the impact it can have. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Go ahead, make a splash and get people buzzing about what you have to offer. The future is digital, so step into the spotlight today!