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Are you looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space while also providing valuable information to your visitors? Look no further than our digital signage solutions!

Our digital signage solutions offer a range of benefits for outdoor spaces, including:

Customizable designs: Our digital signage can be tailored to match the look and feel of your outdoor space, with a variety of design options available.

Weather-resistant materials: Our signage is built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring that it remains functional and visually appealing all year round.

Dynamic content: With our digital signage, you can easily update and change the content displayed, keeping visitors informed and engaged.

Increased engagement: By providing valuable information and eye-catching visuals, our digital signage can help increase visitor engagement and satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking to display event schedules, wayfinding information, or simply showcase stunning visuals, our digital signage solutions can help transform your outdoor space.

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signage outdoor

In a world where visibility is everything, standing out in a bustling environment can be a daunting task. The challenge for businesses today is finding innovative, dynamic, and eye-catching ways to engage with audiences and stay ahead of the competition. Fortunately, Suntune has developed a solution that brings both durability and excellence to the forefront. We’re talking about Suntune’s Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) outdoor displays, engineered to revolutionize your outdoor signage experience.

Vibrant Visuals in Any Light
The key to impactful outdoor signage is visibility. If your display fades into the background or becomes washed out in bright sunlight, you miss out on potential connections. With Suntune’s UHD displays, you no longer need to worry about those concerns. These cutting-edge screens are engineered to shine brilliantly, ensuring vivid, high-contrast visuals in any light condition.

The brightness and clarity of Suntune’s UHD displays are a result of advanced, high-intensity panel technology. This technology produces ultra-bright, crisp, clear images that remain vivid and legible even in broad daylight. This guarantees maximum visibility, no matter the time of day or the weather condition.

Unmatched Durability and Weatherproofing
Outdoor signage needs to withstand the test of time and elements. Suntune’s UHD displays are designed to endure, offering unparalleled resilience in a variety of conditions. Encased in robust, rugged materials, these screens are highly resistant to damage, be it from severe weather, temperature fluctuations, or even vandalism.

Suntune’s weatherproofing technology ensures the displays retain their exceptional performance, even when exposed to moisture, dust, or extreme temperatures. This combination of durability and resistance gives you peace of mind, knowing that your investment is secure, and your message will remain clear and uninterrupted, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Easy Management for Seamless Operation
Running a dynamic outdoor display shouldn’t be a complicated affair. With this in mind, Suntune has incorporated intuitive, user-friendly management software into their UHD displays. This makes it easy to update content, schedule changes, and monitor the status of your display remotely.

This easy-to-use interface allows you to manage and maintain your screen from anywhere, reducing the need for manual, on-site adjustments. With Suntune’s UHD displays, you’re not just investing in a product, but also a streamlined process that saves you time and resources, allowing you to focus on what matters most – effectively conveying your message to your audience.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of outdoor advertising, staying ahead requires innovative solutions that not only captivate audiences but also stand the test of time. Suntune’s UHD displays offer businesses an opportunity to enhance their outdoor signage with superior visibility, exceptional durability, and seamless management. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression and maximize your reach, upgrading to Suntune’s UHD displays might just be the move you need to make.

wayfind digital signage

In today’s fast-paced world, people are always on the go and looking for ways to save time. One of the most common frustrations people face is getting lost or being unable to find their way around unfamiliar locations. Whether it’s a hospital, airport, shopping mall, or a large office building, navigating through a complex space can be a daunting task. This is where wayfinding digital signage comes in.

Wayfinding digital signage is a form of electronic display that provides directions and information to help people navigate through complex spaces. It is a powerful tool for businesses and organizations that want to improve the customer experience and enhance their brand image. Here are some of the ways wayfinding digital signage can benefit your business:

1. Improved Navigation: Wayfinding digital signage provides clear and concise directions to help people find their way around complex spaces. This can include maps, floor plans, and directions to specific locations. By providing clear and accurate information, people can navigate through your space with ease, which can reduce frustration and improve the overall customer experience.

2. Time Savings: When people are able to navigate through a space quickly and easily, they can save time. This is especially important in busy locations such as airports and hospitals, where every minute counts. By providing real-time information and updates, wayfinding digital signage can help people get to their destination faster and with less stress.

3. Branding: Wayfinding digital signage can be customized to match your brand image and messaging. This can include your logo, colors, and other branding elements. By incorporating your brand into your wayfinding signage, you can create a cohesive and professional look that enhances your brand image.

4. Cost Savings: Wayfinding digital signage can be more cost-effective than traditional signage. This is because it can be updated and changed remotely, which eliminates the need for costly printing and installation. This can also reduce the amount of time and resources needed to maintain and update your signage.

5. Analytics: Wayfinding digital signage can provide valuable analytics and insights into how people navigate through your space. This can include data on popular routes, frequently visited locations, and other key metrics. By analyzing this data, you can make informed decisions about how to improve your space and enhance the overall customer experience.

In conclusion, wayfinding digital signage is a powerful tool for businesses and organizations that want to improve the customer experience and enhance their brand image. By providing clear and concise directions, saving time, incorporating branding, reducing costs, and providing valuable analytics, wayfinding digital signage can help you navigate your way to success.

outdoor interactive kiosk

Shopping malls have been a staple of retail for decades. However, with the rise of online shopping, malls have had to adapt to remain relevant in today’s digital era. One of the ways in which malls can enhance the shopping experience and stay competitive is by implementing outdoor interactive kiosks.

Outdoor interactive kiosks offer customers a unique and engaging experience while shopping. These kiosks enable customers to browse products, check prices, and even make purchases, all on their own. This saves time for customers and frees up staff to focus on other tasks. Additionally, kiosks can provide customers with information about sales and promotions, upcoming events, and even detailed maps of the mall. By providing a personalized, interactive experience, malls can increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

Improved Customer Engagement

One of the most significant benefits of outdoor interactive kiosks is the improved customer engagement they offer. Customers are always looking for effortless experiences, and outdoor interactive kiosks provide precisely that. Customers can browse products and make purchases on their own, without the need for staff assistance. This not only saves time for the customer but also makes the shopping experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Moreover, outdoor interactive kiosks can provide customers with information about the mall, including promotions, sales, and events, all at their fingertips. This helps customers stay informed and engaged, increasing the likelihood of returning for future visits.

Increased Revenue and Foot Traffic
In addition to improving customer engagement, outdoor interactive kiosks can also help increase revenue and foot traffic for malls. By providing customers with a seamless shopping experience, malls can attract more customers and encourage them to spend more time and money at the mall. Kiosks can be used to promote specific products or services, driving sales and increasing revenue. With the help of customer data collected by the kiosks, malls can better understand their customers’ preferences and shopping habits, develop targeted marketing campaigns, and drive more foot traffic to their stores.

Enhanced Brand Image
Finally, outdoor interactive kiosks are a powerful tool for enhancing a mall’s brand image. By implementing cutting-edge technology, malls can position themselves as innovative and forward-thinking, attracting tech-savvy customers. Kiosks can also be customized to reflect a mall’s brand image and design, creating a cohesive and visually appealing experience for customers. This helps to differentiate malls from their competitors and creates a unique brand identity.

Outdoor interactive kiosks offer a range of benefits for shopping malls, from increased customer engagement to improved revenue and foot traffic. By providing customers with a personalized and interactive experience, malls can stay relevant in a rapidly changing retail environment and enhance their brand image. In today’s digital era, outdoor interactive kiosks are an essential tool for malls looking to enhance the shopping experience for their customers. With the right implementation and customization, outdoor interactive kiosks can help malls build strong customer relationships, promote sales, and drive more foot traffic to their stores.

outdoor advertising monitor

Outdoor advertising has been a popular way of promoting products and services for many years. However, with the advent of technology, outdoor advertising has become more interactive and engaging. One of the latest developments in outdoor advertising is the outdoor advertising monitor. Outdoor advertising monitors are digital screens that display ads and other content in public spaces. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of outdoor advertising monitors for the public.

Increased Engagement
Outdoor advertising monitors are designed to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing. They use high-quality video and images to display ads and other content. This makes them more engaging than traditional billboards and posters. Outdoor advertising monitors also have the ability to display interactive content, such as games and quizzes. This not only increases engagement but also provides a more memorable experience for the viewer.
Moreover, outdoor advertising monitors can be used for targeted advertising by displaying relevant ads based on the demographics of the people passing by. This ensures that the ad is more effective in reaching its intended audience.

Better Information
Outdoor advertising monitors can be used to display more than just ads. They can also be used to display important information, such as news updates and weather forecasts. This can be especially useful in public spaces, such as airports and train stations. By displaying this information on outdoor advertising monitors, it can reach a wider audience and be more accessible.
In addition, outdoor advertising monitors can be programmed to display public service announcements and emergency alerts. This is particularly important in areas prone to natural disasters or other emergencies. By using outdoor advertising monitors, emergency alerts can be more widely disseminated, potentially saving lives.

Enhanced Safety
Outdoor advertising monitors can also be used to enhance safety in public spaces. They can display important safety messages, such as emergency announcements and evacuation instructions. This can be especially useful in areas prone to natural disasters or other emergencies. Outdoor advertising monitors can also be used to display traffic updates and other important information that can help prevent accidents.
It is worth mentioning that outdoor advertising monitors can be installed with facial recognition technology, which can be used to identify people who are wanted by law enforcement agencies. This can contribute to the safety and security of the public, and help law enforcement agencies to apprehend criminals.

Outdoor advertising monitors are a versatile and effective way of promoting products and services. They not only provide a more engaging experience for the viewer but also have the ability to display important information and enhance safety in public spaces. As technology continues to advance, outdoor advertising monitors will become even more interactive and engaging. It is clear that they have a bright future in the world of advertising.

In summary, outdoor advertising monitors are a great way to promote products and services while also providing valuable information to the public. They are an effective marketing tool that can be used to increase engagement, provide important information and enhance safety in public spaces. With the continued development of technology, outdoor advertising monitors are set to become even more effective and efficient. It is an exciting time for outdoor advertising, and we can expect to see more innovative ways of promoting products and services through this medium.

outdoor digital signage display display

Digital signage display is a powerful tool that has revolutionized the way businesses and organizations communicate with their customers and members. In recent years, outdoor digital signage display has become increasingly popular, providing a new way to reach audiences in public spaces. In this blog post, we will explore how outdoor digital signage display benefits communities.

Improved Communication
One of the primary benefits of outdoor digital signage display is improved communication. With outdoor digital signage display, community members can access important information quickly and easily. This includes emergency alerts, community events, and news updates. By placing digital signage display in high-traffic areas, like parks, shopping centers, and public transportation hubs, communities can ensure that everyone stays informed.

Increased Revenue for Local Businesses
Outdoor digital signage display can also benefit local businesses. By placing digital signage display near businesses, they can promote their products and services to a wider audience. This can lead to increased foot traffic and revenue for local businesses. Additionally, businesses can use digital signage display to display real-time information, like weather updates and news headlines, which can help attract customers.

Environmental Sustainability
Outdoor digital signage display is also environmentally sustainable. Traditional signage display often requires frequent replacements and produces waste, which can have a negative impact on the environment. Outdoor digital signage display, on the other hand, is built to last and requires little maintenance. Additionally, digital signage display is energy efficient and can be powered by renewable sources, like solar power, reducing its carbon footprint.

In conclusion, outdoor digital signage display is a powerful tool that benefits communities in many ways. It improves communication, increases revenue for local businesses, and is environmentally sustainable. As outdoor digital signage display becomes more accessible and affordable, we can expect to see it used more widely in communities around the world.

outdoor display screen

Outdoor display screen has become an essential communication tool for businesses and organizations who want to reach their audience in public spaces. However, one of the main concerns for many people when it comes to outdoor display screen is how it performs in heavy rain. In this blog post, SUNTUNE will discuss why outdoor display screen is a reliable communication tool even in heavy rain.

One of the main reasons why outdoor display screen is a reliable communication tool in heavy rain is because it’s designed to be durable. The screens are made of high-quality materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain. Outdoor display screen is built with weatherproof enclosures that protect the electronic components from water damage. This means that the display screen can continue to operate even in the heaviest rain without any damage to the equipment.

Another reason why outdoor display screen is a reliable communication tool in heavy rain is because of its high visibility. The screens are designed to be bright and clear, making them visible even in poor weather conditions. Many outdoor display screen displays have built-in brightness sensors that automatically adjust the screen’s brightness according to the ambient light levels. This means that the signage remains visible even in low light conditions caused by heavy rain.

Remote Management
Finally, outdoor display screen is a reliable communication tool in heavy rain because it can be remotely managed. This means that the content on the screen can be updated or changed from a remote location, without the need for someone to physically access the signage. This is particularly useful in heavy rain when it’s not safe for someone to go outside and manually update the signage. Remote management also allows businesses to quickly change their messaging in response to changing weather conditions or other external factors.

In conclusion, outdoor display screen is a reliable communication tool even in heavy rain. Its durability, high visibility, and remote management capabilities make it a valuable asset for businesses and organizations who want to reach their audience in public spaces. So, if you’re considering investing in outdoor display screen, rest assured that it can perform in even the heaviest rain.

For further details, feel free to contact SUNTUNE team.

lcd electronic signboard

Although there are many types of advertising machines on the market now, they are generally thick and heavy, inflexible in movement, and inconvenient for frequent transfers. In response to the pain points of users, SUNTUNE has designed and developed a folding high-definition digital signboard advertising player. This is an advertising machine that integrates many highlights such as fashionable shape, excellent performance and convenient storage, which is very suitable for frequent use needs in stores, exhibitions and other scenes.

1. The playback screen is interesting
Unlike traditional billboards, digital signboards are not so monotonous. Because the playback screen is dynamic, video, picture, text mixed playback, full-format HD video decoding, 1080P true HD display screen carousel background music, split-screen playback or full-screen playback, multi-screen page loop, automatic playback of advertising content every time the power is turned on, the advertising content of digital signboard can be directly imported to the storage device through the U disk to achieve automatic playback. In the process of using the digital signboard, it can be moved around. This can improve the effectiveness of advertising, attract more attention, and increase the traffic of the business.

2. Content can be published remotely
Using traditional billboards to publish advertising content often requires replacing content one by one, which is a cumbersome process. However, if you choose the LCD digital signboard, you can directly publish the replacement content remotely, while publish multiple contents at the same time.

3. Screen HD
LCD digital signboard got screen high-definition, the resolution supports 1080P and 4K, clear picture. By using LCD digital signboard, the dynamic publicity and diversified material display can make the advertising content more attractive and enhance the popularity flow of the store better.

4. Convenient timed playback and management
LCD digital signboard, with higher brightness, farther and clearer visibility, can play advertising content regularly. For example, when there is multiple content to be pushed, the traditional billboard needs to be played manually, while the LCD digital signboard can be played regularly according to the requirements of the merchant, which can realize the independent operation of the equipment without too much human management.

5. Multiple publishing methods to adapt to various scenarios
1) U disk upload: Create the corresponding folder on the U disk, insert the U disk into the terminal to automatically copy the materials to the digital signboard, and remove the U disk after the copy completed. It solves the problem of customers sending simple interfaces with network unavailable.
2) Hot Release: The WiFi hotspot in the Android system is automatically activated, so that the mobile device can connect to the hotspot released by the terminal to the digital signboard, and send the completed H5 web page and local materials (pictures, videos, texts, etc.) on the mobile terminal; Because it is point-to-point, it will be transmitted at a higher speed than the traditional network, and large files such as videos can be uploaded more quickly.
3) Web Release: Through the WAN terminal sending interface, it solves the customer’s requirements for multiple terminal group transmission.

6. Foldable, reorganizable and removable
Different from the traditional heavy advertising machine, the LCD digital signboard is designed with a foldable storage bracket, and can also be powered by a large-capacity portable mobile power supply, which can be flexibly transferred and put wherever you want.

The advantages of LCD digital signboard are obvious, and more physical stores and counters will use it as an advertising machine. This is not only because of the many advantages it has, but also because of the convenience and high value it provides. IN THE FUTURE, SUNTUNE BELIEVES THAT THE LCD DIGITAL SIGNBOARDS WILL MOST LIKELY REPLACE THE TRADITIONAL BILLBOARDS COMPLETELY.

outdoor advertising media

With the advent of the digital age, the survival space of traditional media has been weakened, and TV’s status as an industry leader has been surpassed. Compared to the decline of traditional media business, the story of outdoor advertising is completely different. It is widely used in the scenes we live in, and in more diverse forms. Subtly, the way brands interact with consumers is changing.

A new audience for outdoor media
The new era has come, technologies such as the Internet of Things will give energy to outdoor advertising, the big data will drive creativity to achieve online and offline linkage, the rapid iteration of technology is dazzling, and various opportunities are fleeting. In the new era of platform development, it will be difficult for advertising media to survive alone. What advertisers need most is a platform agency that can read consumers, find the inevitable relationship between consumers and brands, and then provide effective methods, integrate various media resources, and visualize the entire delivery process.

Multi-sensory attraction
Outdoor media itself focuses on static communication. Just as TV combined with visual and auditory can occupy the dominant position of the media, if outdoor advertising can combine multiple sensory sensations such as “sight, hearing, smell, touch” to form a complementary communication, it will broaden consumers’ information reception channels, and also allow consumers to pay attention, interest, hobbies and deep memories. For example, the TEA FRAGRANCE at Luohu Subway Station.

Outdoor media content is emotional
In such an era of information flooding, quality content can attract more audiences, the platform in the field of new media is more to show content, like emotional topic type of content more attractive to the audience, a certain plot point or a sentence is easy to touch people’s hearts, on the basis of satisfying their own emotional expression, to the public’s emotional problems as the core, with emotional text to tell, the content often comes from real life, people’s emotions have a certain soothing and guiding effect.

Nowadays, the outdoor advertising market is becoming more and more standardized, and the potential market for outdoor screens has been further explored, bringing new business opportunities for the development of outdoor displays. In the face of such a huge Red Sea market, outdoor display manufacturers should seize the opportunity and occupy an important position in the outdoor market.

advertising machine

The advertising machine solution allows you to transform the traditional 4S store you operate into a 5S store. This more S, is usually what we call additional functions (Supplement), for users to buy, see and maintain cars to provide high-tech intelligent display, large-screen DVD theater, timely acquisition of vehicle information, and the perfect embodiment of their own car brand on the display screen, the existence of advertising all-in-one machine, is a more intuitive understanding of the unique driving functions and technical selling points of the main model. For example, in the rest area, users are provided with an actionable video experience of touch-splicing car structure analysis model schematic, which not only helps users better understand the model, but also increases the sense of technology in the store.

When you first enter the door of the 5S store, the glass sensor door will gently open for you, standing at the door of the exhibition hall, wisps of music are pervasive and flowing on the four walls and overhead, you will feel as if you have arrived at a “five-star home”. There is a comprehensive electronic inquiry touch screen in a prominent position, you can check all the service content of the store and questions about car knowledge, and the exquisite network advertising machine next to the booth introduces the various performance parameters of each model in detail.

I. Exhibition hall
Division: glass curtain wall of the exhibition hall, entrance welcome area, vehicle booth area
Recommended products:
Dual-screen ultra-thin hoisting advertising machine (exhibition hall glass curtain wall); vertical advertising machine or ultra-thin wall-mounted advertising machine (entrance welcome area); interactive touch inquiry machine (vehicle booth area).
Main application content:
1. Play eye-catching advertisements such as new car poster promotional pictures, new car test drive experience, new car promotional videos and other eye-catching advertisements in the window area;
2. At the entrance greeting, recommend the best-selling models through the official video, and play the preferential model package, car interior, charging and service standards, the weather, time, welcome message and other information on a loop;
3. In the vehicle display area, the interactive operation content of different models is customized through the interactive touch inquiry machine, and the information that cannot be displayed by the physical vehicle such as model structure diagram, model engine performance, model interior, and multiple color choices of the model is presented in 3D;
4. Display a variety of alternative car purchase methods, which is convenient for customers to self-query and choose the purchase method that meets their own economic conditions.

Ⅱ. Customer negotiation area
Recommended products: interactive touch series advertising machine (vertical, wall-mounted, horizontal).
Main application content:
1. Independently play various promotion information (such as model purchase package, charging standard, service content, new car release promotional video, etc.);
2. When the customer touches, the product software presents the car 3D model selection interface, which can be selected according to the customer’s click, showing the overall structure, characteristics and comparative superiority of the desired model in an all-round way;
3. Split-screen playback of various automobile model rally races, crash test processes and results, model internal assembly and other model videos;

Ⅲ. Maintenance reception area
Recommended products: hoisting horizontal advertising machine (pick-up area), counter multimedia terminal (reception counter), wall-mounted advertising machine (wall-mounted in reception counter area).
Main application content:
1. Display information such as maintenance appointment, pick-up dynamics, current maintenance status, maintenance queue, and vehicles to be picked up in the pick-up area;
2. Dynamically display the information of various service products through the counter multimedia terminal to attract customer attention;
3. In the wall-mounted area of the reception counter, you can play the service type charging standard in batches, and display the maintenance status information (such as the current maintenance status, estimated maintenance and pick-up time, etc.) in real time.

Ⅳ. Repair waiting area
1. Replace the traditional hanging and placing banners, slogans, printed materials, random placement of banners, roll-up and other promotional paper media, through intelligent interactive digital signage, build a modern automobile marketing service space for automobile 4S stores and enhance the overall brand image;
2. Vigorously recommend hot products and seasonal promotional information through the media playback format with sound and pictures, attract customers’ attention, deepen customer impression, and effectively stimulate customers’ desire to consume;
3. Customers can independently experience the complete form of their favorite car in a relaxed atmosphere; good self-service experience service, all-round in-depth understanding of products, and strengthen the desire to buy. At the same time, cooperate with sales personnel to make on-site introductions to effectively improve automobile sales performance;
4. A full range of digital services to ease the pressure of customers waiting and create a relaxed pick-up environment by updating reservation, repair and pickup information in real time. At the same time, make full use of the waiting time of customers to handle business, uninterrupted dynamic playback of the advantages of service products, and promote customers’ understanding of maintenance products;
5. Product placement advertising and marketing model to achieve effective promotion of service products; intelligent interactive real-time inquiry service to effectively improve customer satisfaction;
6. Through the back-end platform software, the information release content of all terminal devices is uniformly managed, and the program replacement is simple, which greatly reduces the cost of marketing and publicity;
7. Make full use of existing equipment to realize network video conferencing, timely convey headquarters information, and enhance effective communication between stores and headquarters across the country.

SUNTUNE is a branded digital advertising machine supplier for years. The products cover outdoor digital signage, high brightness monitors, waterproof screens, large format displays, touch screen kiosks, and more.