outdoor digital kiosk

Outdoor digital kiosk is extending from the previous commercial usage. Through the development these years, outdoor LCD advertising displays continue to collide with other industries, generate some new products, and apply to new fields. Such as electronic bus stop signs, electronic reading columns, smart trail screens, multimedia outdoor charging piles, smart city emergency displays and more.

The continuous promotion and application of outdoor LCD display equipment has enhanced the intelligence of the city, improved people’s travel, and improved the efficiency of work.

Outdoor digital kiosk is used in the transportation industry and installed in bus stops. It displays bus route information and the real-time bus location information in multimedia form, so to improve the efficiency of public travel and visualize the information. And there is an additional display window on the bus stop, which can not only increase income points through advertising, but also broadcast public services, legal knowledge and publicity positive energy, and improve the comprehensive quality of citizens. It can also play emergency notices, information couriers, information audiences, etc.

Outdoor digital kiosk is used in scenic spots, communities and other places, forming electronic newspaper column products. Through its multimedia form, it displays different forms of information such as pictures, videos, audio, and PPT, which is more eye-catching to the public, more vivid and friendly, and can leave a deeper impression. At the same time, it can also increase the touch function, to realize human-computer interaction, change the previous one-way communication, and better provide citizens with the information they want to obtain, improve efficiency and increase interest.

Used in parks, fitness trails, the outdoor digital kiosk has produced today’s smart trail screen, through the combination of outdoor LCD screen and a new generation of technology, AI intelligence, touch control, etc., so that its display content is more intelligent, completely become your fitness butler, record your exercise time, the distance, etc. It is displayed on the interface with a sense of science and technology, which increases the interest of fitness, improves the number of fitness exercises, better completes the national fitness movement, and enables citizens to maintain a strong physique.

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digital information display

Smart community refers to a community with intelligent information display as the basic unit, making full use of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new generation information technologies to provide residents with a safe, comfortable and convenient living environment, so as to form a new management model based on informatization and intelligent social management and services.

1. Smart Community System Functional Summary
1) Enable every resident to enjoy the safety, comfort, health and convenience brought by intelligent information displays;
2) Networked management, to provide safe, efficient and intuitive services for every resident;
3) Community information services, including publishing community management information and user inquiry information;
4) Community medical services, to provide protection knowledge services for every household.

2. The value of digital information displays to the community
1) Advancement: The digital outdoor LCD display screen is used to play a variety of massive content such as pictures, animations, and videos, reflecting the advanced nature of the community publicity board.
2) Timeliness: Community announcements, spiritual civilization publicity, common sense of life, news information, weather information, disease prevention knowledge and other information close to life, and the masses are released in a timely manner, which are also more accepted by the community.
3) Convenience: It is convenient for community residents to pay water and electricity bills and do the social security card information inquiry.

3. Play the content
1) Use digital outdoor display screens to play pictures, animations, videos and other colorful and massive content, reflecting the advanced nature of community publicity.
2) Play lively and vivid video content to increase the interest of promotional content, increase touch functions, interact with the community, attract the public, and form effective communication.
3) Through the intelligent network system, multiple devices can play content synchronously without leaving home.

4. How information is disseminated
1) Community display devices connect to the server’s management platform through 4G, Wi-Fi, Internet, and publish information remotely through management software, etc.
2) Community display devices are connected to the service host through the internal LAN, and information is published through management software.
3) Make the playback content on the management software, download it to the U disk, and update the playback content of each device through the U disk.

5. Recommended outdoor digital display model
1) Choose 55 inch BOE/LG LCD screen.
2) The brightness requirements are 2000cd/㎡ at least, with ambient automatic light perception, tempered explosion-proof glass.
3) The internal structure is designed according to the requirements for reinforcement, the firmness of the whole equipment structure can resist 12-level typhoon, the cabinet material is made of galvanized steel plate, the painting process adopts double-layer spraying outdoor powder, and the equipment is fixed with cement base + bolts interspersed to the base for fixation.
4) The whole machine adopts high-quality cooling fan to dissipate heat, plus lightning protection, overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature protection equipment, and the structure adopts design to be rainproof, dustproof and anti-sun.
5) Feature required: It adopts industrial-grade embedded Android motherboard, which can support Wi-Fi, RJ45, 4G networking, and support simultaneous control of all machines or single control of one unit, and support full HD 1920×1080 decoding.

6. Electrical parameters
1) The shell material is fully galvanized steel plate cabinet, the exterior surface is metal paint, anti-magnetic, anti-static, waterproof material, the whole machine adopts IP55 outdoor all-weather waterproof and dustproof, anti-theft, explosion-proof and other designs.
2) Highly reliable electrical protection
Leakage, overload, overvoltage protection, lightning protection device, overtemperature protection, etc.
3) Audio: It adopts two-channel, stereo surround power amplifier system, and the output power is 8 ohms 2×10W.
4) The standard of working environment temperature is 50°~ -30°, and the cooling adopts units of high-quality combination fan.
5) Protective glass: 6mm tempered explosion-proof glass.
6) The whole system adopts the principle of modular design, sustainable design and maintainable design.
7) Machine fixation: Multiple M16-24 screw posts are poured from the ground, interspersed to the bottom of the machine and fixed with nuts.
8) Light sensing and overheating protection system
Screen backlight adopts automatic ambient light sensing. The real-time adjustment of screen brightness not only meets the clear image display in the strong direct sunlight environment, but also makes the screen not dazzling and energy waste at night. When the internal temperature of the machine exceeds the limit of the LCD screen, the thermal management system will respond to turn off the LCD screen in the first time, to protect the LCD screen working in harsh environment for a long time without damage.

outdoor advertising billboard

With the advancement of social technology, outdoor advertising is rapidly transforming from traditional static billboards to dynamic digitalization. Outdoor advertising machine transmission information will not be affected by the weather while can bring good visual and auditory enjoyment, can be widely used in outdoor advertising playback, outdoor public information release, outdoor media communication, touch interactive query and other fields all-weather, which greatly improve the sense of picture hierarchy, and can better express details. The use scenarios of outdoor advertising billboards have gradually expanded from semi-outdoor to fully outdoor, and their challenges are more diversified.

The standard brightness of outdoor advertising player is to reach 1500 nits in an unobstructed sun environment to be called an outdoor display. Recently, a Singapore specialist digital signage consultancy conducted a set of reviews of outdoor displays. The results can be seen from a range of displays ranging from 450 Nits to 3,000 Nits, but a brightness of just 1,500 Nits does not look good in daylight. This means that the display brightness of only 1500 Nits will cause the attenuation and loss of visual communication, and cannot play a role in attracting public attention. However, SUNTUNE OHD series of outdoor billboards can achieve a brightness of up to 3000 Nits, which is exactly double the industry standard, ensuring a clear and bright display even in the face of midday bright glare, allowing the image to shine “backlight”.

As a screen display technology, “anti-glare” has been widely used in daily life such as mobile phones, tablets and displays. But for outdoor advertising billboards, if you don’t want to become a “public dressing mirror”, you need higher anti-glare indicators. Especially when applied to the information display scenario of the transportation industry, if the display is unclear or the refraction of strong light occurs, it will bring great risks to the road safety. SUNTUNE Outdoor Advertising Billboard provides enhanced picture visibility and reduced specular reflection through unique technology that enhances picture contrast and patented reflection cancellation film. Meanwhile, SUNTUNE outdoor advertising billboard is not only “anti-glare”, but also “anti-polarization”. Through the application of circular polarizing technology, the problem of “display blind zone” caused by traditional LCD displays when wearing polarized sunglasses is solved, and the road safety is guaranteed more comprehensively.

Outdoor advertising billboard is an important terminal in the construction of smart city informatization and an important element to create a city business card. The development of outdoor advertising billboards will provide a strong boost for the construction of smart cities.

outdoor advertising player

With the continuous acceleration of urbanization, the continuous development of the economy, the continuous improvement of living standards, the continuous development of transportation, the continuous frequency of people’s outdoor activities, and the continuous strengthening of spiritual enjoyment requirements, outdoor advertising business has sprung up. However, the outdoor environment not only has high requirements for the quality of the display advertising player, but also affects the installation of the display screen, and the installation method varies according to the outdoor place. Outdoor advertising players are mainly divided into the following installation methods: embedded type, hanging type, step type, column type, wall mounted type, etc.

1. Wall-mounted installation
Generally, a force point is made on the wall or column, the outdoor advertising player is hung on the wall, and the wall or column is used as a fixed support.

2. Column installation
Due to the lack of walls or available support points around, the installation method of column outdoor advertising player has high requirements for steel structure and is the most common installation method. For example, most of the outdoor advertisements in communities, squares, streets, scenic spots, etc. are installed by columns.

3. Step-mounted installation
It is mainly installed on the façade of the steps, and when the video is played, it will present a very beautiful display effect.

4. Pendant installation method
Mainly using the designed steel structure, the outdoor LCD advertising body is hung on the structure. It is used outdoors without wall support, and in the case of temporary use of outdoor advertising displays, the lifting method has obvious advantages.

5. Inline installation
Generally, a steel structure is installed on the wall, and then embedded in the outdoor advertising player screen with the support of the steel structure; mainly the installation place is the external wall of the building and the airport.

lcd digital signage

In order to create a system-level solution, SUNTUNE launched a new DSS information release system, which integrates H5 animation, information release, interactive touch control, data display, advertising operations and other multi-functions all in one, which can help digital signage strengthen front-end interaction, and achieve more personalized and richer content display needs.

Custom-tailored interactive marketing
The intelligence, personalization and content enrichment of digital signage are its core advantages. More and more industries are paying attention to the functional perfection of interactive marketing of digital signage. TO DISPLAY THE UBIQUITOUS VISUAL MARKETING CONCEPT, SUNTUNE CREATES A DIGITAL SIGNAGE SYSTEM-LEVEL SOLUTION, BASED ON HARDWARE PRODUCTS SUCH AS SERVERS, EDGE COMPUTING, AND COMMERCIAL DISPLAY TERMINALS WITH INFORMATION RELEASE SYSTEMS TO ACHIEVE MORE INTELLIGENT CONTENT DISPLAY AND INFORMATION DELIVERY.

Quick response
Whether it is static advertising or dynamic information, digital signage can broadcast the latest information to the public at a fast speed, such as weather, parking status, flight information, inventory information, etc. Therefore, fast information processing is the basis of a good product. With the development of platform chips and technologies, SUNTUNE continues to iterate, and the latest generation of ARM new products can easily handle human-computer interaction and complete information collection and processing.

HD display, high resolution
The public demand for information is increasing, which also requires digital signage displays to be clearer. SUNTUNE’S DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOLUTION SUPPORTS HDMI, EDP AND OTHER TYPES OF HIGH-DEFINITION 4K VIDEO DISPLAY, MEETING THE PUBLIC’S HIGHER DEMAND FOR DISPLAY AND COLOR.

Site marketing
Digital signage is the best choice for location-based advertising, and studies show that more than 70% of audiences will be interested in the content of digital signage, which is a great boost for merchant marketing. The impact of digital signage is everywhere, and the application scenarios are diverse, and SUNTUNE has motherboards, high-performance playback terminals, fanless playback terminals, and MINI terminals of multiple types and specifications, which can meet the deployment needs of different locations and applications.

Under the influence of comprehensive policies, demands, technologies and other factors, digital signage is bound to continue to develop rapidly. In the future, SUNTUNE will take technologies as the driving force to build a one-stop digital signage application platform for hardware, software and services, continue to provide professional and innovative solutions for more industries, fully promote the digital transformation of industries, and empower the high-quality development of the digital economy!

outdoor advertising totem

With the construction of smart cities, shopping malls, squares, scenic spots, schools, parks, communities, bus stops and many other places, from a single pictorial publicity era gradually to the era of intelligent advertising, outdoor advertising equipment in major fields of advantages are increasingly prominent; the outdoor display totem has also ushered in a new boom.

As a member of the commercial display industry, for more than ten years, SUNTUNE has been constantly developing, constantly innovating, self-driven, self-refined, so what are the advantages of SUNTUNE’s outdoor advertising totem?

1. Outdoor protection
The protection level of the outdoor totem can reach IP65; meanwhile, it can also meet customer requirements in waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, anti-theft and other aspects.

2. Touch Query
Food boards, newspaper columns, traffic inquiries, etc. interaction.

3. Remote control
When there are more outdoor totems, it can realize one-click replacement of content and set automatic adjustment of shutdown time.

4. Two ways for heat dissipation
That is, ①Air cooling, and ②Air conditioning. By the temperature of different regions, it’s advised to consider the selection of different heat dissipation methods, to ensure that the outdoor advertising totem can work normally in the environment of -40 ° C to 55 ° C, and truly not afraid of cold and rain.

5. Brightness
The outdoor advertising totem, because of its application environment, resulting in the choice of LCD is also different. During the day, the brightness in the sun is relatively large, requiring outdoor totems to be visible in the sun. At night, the brightness can be automatically adjusted, suitable for human eyes to watch.

6. UV protection
If the Ultraviolet prevention and control is not done in place, it’s easy to cause damage to the LCD screen, blacken screen, and even lead to the scrapping of the LCD screen. SUNTUNE has been engaged in the outdoor industry for more than 10 years, and can deeply understand the damage of sunlight to LCD screens, and the UV blocking rate reaches 99%. It can protect the LCD screen better.

In addition, SUNTUNE’s outdoor advertising totem has its professional quality requirements in many aspects such as lightning protection, load-bearing, wiring and thermal design, and is committed to providing customers with satisfactory services.

wayfinder kiosk

Today, SUNTUNE outdoor wayfinder kiosk is spreading rapidly in the education industry, which is a fun and effective way to broadcast campus events and information about schools. Based on the Internet, the wayfinder kiosk relies on the network and wayfinding system to work on campus, providing an intelligent and convenient environment for students. HEREBY SUNTUNE TAKES YOU TO UNDERSTAND WHAT KIND OF CONVENIENCE THE INSTALLATION OF OUTDOOR LCD ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES BRINGS TO THE CAMPUS.

1. Information dissemination, saving publicity costs
SUNTUNE outdoor wayfinder kiosk can support video, music, pictures, documents and other playback forms, more convenient in information displays. The propaganda mode with pictures and texts impresses the students deeply, and its publicity role was obvious. In addition, you can also send famous teacher courses, campus activities, temporary class suspension, classroom changes, tuition payment, news updates and so on through the outdoor LCD wayfinder kiosk. This way the information dissemination can not only have a better publicity effect, but also save a large part of publicity costs!

2. Wayfinding signs
If you often go to college campuses, you may find that in a large and unfamiliar campus, tourists do not know how to get the map info they want, the smart outdoor wayfinder kiosk can be used as a way to greet visitors, guide them to the gymnasium, theater or other places they want to go. SUNTUNE outdoor LCD advertising wayfinder kiosk, because of its displaying rich in contents, can perfectly solve this problem.

3. Information release and display
The role of intelligent outdoor LCD advertising machine in schools is mainly information release, school publicity, notification, live broadcast of the competition and other aspects. SUNTUNE digital wayfinder kiosk has such flexible characteristics, it can display different content arbitrarily according to the situation, such as canteens, gymnasiums, classrooms, dormitories, offices and other places on campus, push subdivided content, support to various media terminals, can make students more intuitive, more profound feel the transformation of electronic products. More importantly, it can timely and accurately disseminate the required content, which plays a very important role in the release of campus information.

The campus is one the best places to transmit knowledge and ideas, especially on college campuses, where the students learn information very fast. SUNTUNE outdoor digital wayfinder kiosk can help students easily obtain a variety of useful information, such as current affairs, events, recent activities, etc. Nowadays, in the context of students also paying special attention to current events, the function of using online advertising can better reflect the “smart campus”, compared to the handwritten blackboard information in the past.

In short, the smart outdoor LCD advertising opportunities are prevalent in campus, which is inseparable from its unique advantages, and the special environment in which the school is located.

bus digital display

With the development of smart cities, the demand for outdoor LCD advertising player is increasing, and there are many applications and uses, with a wide range of solutions and styles, then what kind of players can be better applied for users?

1. Exterior styling
To select a player, first of all, it depends on what kind of environment it will be installed in, such as: community gates, commercial streets, campus, bus stops, etc. The surrounding is different, the LCD advertising player is better integrated into it. SUNTUNE RECOMMENDS CHOOSING THE EXTERIOR STYLING MOST SUITABLE, OR HAVING IT CUSTOMIZED.

2. Configure features
Secondly, it depends on how the device is used, whether it will install and run specific software. If you only play pictures, videos, text and other information, you can choose an Android motherboard, or take the solution with HDMI motherboard. If you have software to run, you need to choose either Android or Windows, according to what type of the software and the configurations required. If there are interactive queries, you need to add touch capabilities. If face recognition is required, you need to add cameras for face recognition. Meanwhile many other features can be added, such as QR code scanner, fingerprint reader, printer, and so on.

3. Mode of heat dissipation
There are usually 2 kinds of outdoor LCD advertising player, namely air-cooling (IP55) and air conditioning (IP65). In areas with little temperature difference, air cooling can be OK to dissipate heat. If the temperature difference between day and night is large and the winter is relatively cold, it is better to use an air conditioner for heat control. If the budget is limited, the air-cooled heat dissipation can also be used instead of the air conditioning, only one or two electric heaters need to be installed inside the equipment. Take in mind that the heaters effect will not be as good as the air conditioning. Feel free to contact SUNTUNE if it’s in special places, and we will work with you for the best solution.

4. Screen brightness
Outdoor LCD screens are usually with the brightness more than 2000 Nits. SUNTUNE is capable of producing and supplying monitor brightness such as 2500 Nits, 3000 Nits, 4000 Nits, 5000 Nits, etc. The principle is that the brightness shall be applicable, it does not have to be too high after all.

In addition to the above points, other features such as waterproof, dustproof, lightning, explosion-proof and more, are all essential functions of SUNTUNE LCD advertising player.

led billboard display

LED and LCD are two completely different light-emitting technologies; the former is light-emitting diode positive light, the latter is liquid crystal backlight light. Both technologies are widely used in mobile phones, TVs, commercial displays and other fields. Here’s SUNTUNE’s lay down analysis of the differences between these two for business applications.

1. LED displays compared to LCD displays in visual effect
LED display is composed of a number of 320mm*160mm (conventional size) LED units, regardless of size, can be infinitely spliced without splicing gaps, so the screen customization is high and the picture integrity is very good. LCD splicing screen is composed of several LCD units. The LCD unit specifications are usually 49 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, etc. To choose the units properly, it needs to refer to the specifications of the entire screen. Besides, the picture integrity is not so good because of the splicing gaps.

2. In brightness
The brightness of LEDs is in the range of 800 to 6000 Nits, while the brightness of LCD is 250-1500 Nits. LCD screen gets low in brightness, not suitable for outdoor or the indoor with strong light. LED display, however, is not limited by light intensity and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

3. The power per square meter of conventional LED display is about 450W-800W according to the difference between dot spacing and other parameters, and the power per square meter of conventional LCD screen is about 350W, and the power consumption per square meter of normal use of LED display is greater than that of LCD screen. In specific places, the brightness of the LED display can be turned down so to reduce power consumption.

4. The LED is emitting light through the chip, and the color saturation is high. The LCD is through its backlight, and the color reproduction is average, plus each liquid crystal unit will have a certain color difference, resulting in the overall color general.

5. See it up close
For example, when viewing a screen within 1 meter, the LCD screen has delicate picture quality and high definition. The lamp beads of the LED display are obviously grainy and the clarity is average. However, standing at a normal visual distance of 2 meters away, there is little difference in image quality between the two. Of course, the clarity of the picture quality is also related to the model of the LED display, and the close-up picture quality of the small-pitch LED display is very clear.

6. In functions
Actually, the two are only used as a display function, there is no essential difference. Both have the function of playing videos, pictures, PPT and other materials.

So to sum up, LED or LCD, which one do you think is better? In fact, the most suitable is the best. Stay tuned for a separate SUNTUNE post on how to pick the right LCD display!

outdoor display monitor

Outdoor display monitor, not only can bring good visual and auditory enjoyment of information dissemination, but also can be widely used in advertising playback, information release, media communication, touch interactive query, etc. The following tells a few scenes that the outdoor display monitor be applied.

1. Campus
Applied in the campus, it’s usually for the dissemination of campus culture and high-tech demonstrations, or to show some management rules, or systems to facilitate school education, or student communication, etc.

2. Hotel
Such as hotel introduction, restaurant signature dishes, retail prices, special services, preferential activities, the latest product information, notices and announcements, etc. The outdoor display monitor can be well promoted in a timely manner for the hotel image, service introduction, preferred activities and other publicity.

3. Community
When applied in the park, the outdoor display monitor can be used to show some real-time notifications such as activity rules and systems, which can better serve everyone.

4. Highway
Being made as outdoor electronic bulletin board, the outdoor display monitor can play a good role in publicizing culture, advertising and announcements, and is also an important part of the construction of smart cities.

On the one hand, outdoor display monitor can choose advertising forms according to the characteristics of the region, such as in commercial streets, squares, parks, transportation, large shopping plazas, real estate, tourist attractions, schools, stations and other outdoor public places where a large number of people gather. On the other hand, the traditional media can promote advertising contents in limited ways, while the outdoor display monitor can broadcast rich contents, in diverse forms, and remotely, so to achieve better publicity effect.